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  • Hi everyone. I just think it is about time to present my current project here. Surely some of you can rembmber Magic Carpet from Bullfrog Productions that was initially released in 1994 on PC.

    I loved that one so much, and that�s why I am doing a mobile version of the game for Android and hopefully also for Windows Phone OS.

    It is not a port, but more a game in the same setting with the most importants aspects of the game being in it. It is not a 3D-game like the original, but will be played in side view. There will be spells, there will be mana, there will be your castle and your balloon. Oh, and a carpet riding hero for sure. :-)

    The character will improve his magic skills through the mission based campaign which will be told in an unique story.

    Right now I am still at the stage of doing the character animations, for every spell.

    You can check out some of the progress here:

    >>ViZiONEER FB-Page<<

    This one shows some basic character animations:

    >>Character Animations<<

    I hope there are some people out there interested in this kind of game.

    Progress will be posted here and also on the FB-page. Don't expect this one to be finished soon, I am doing everything on my own and time is always short. I hope to be able to provide some ingame material by the end of the month.

    Feel free to post any thoughts, questions, advices on it.

  • I have vague recollections of Magic Carpet from my childhood - it was very original stuff, though one of the few Bullfrog games that I couldnt get to grips with (populous and powermonger had me hugely addicted though).

    Your animations are looking nice - very Prince of Persia-esque. I will follow its development with interest.

    Incase you're interested, Magic Carpet 2 has just gone on sale at for about $6 (That's the best thing about designing games - getting to play other games and call it 'research').

  • Thanks for your interest in this project. I totally agree with Bullfrog having been a producer for great and unique games.

    Great offer at, I really consider grabbing it there. Guess I'll ned DosBox to get it running on a common Windows OS these days.

  • I think gog must incorporate dos box into their games, as I've had no problems getting a few downloads from their site to work instantly (including Populous 2, which is ancient and yet still great fun!).

    Anyway, I will continue watching your games development - I'm sure it will grow its own unique identity as it progresses.

  • Here the animation for the spell for summoning power:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Here the animation for the spell for summoning fire:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I still have some player animations to do, but as mentioned I am close to give an overview of the overall look of the game.

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  • After R119 (Steam) of C2 messed up my exported projects I had not much progress in the past. Now with R126 (Steam) running stable I'll continue on my game.

    I've just updated the character animations preview by adding the carpet and some spells (the vest looks more like green wings on the spell animations, it will get a more asymmetrical animation):

    >>Character Animations<<

    <font color="red">UPDATE:</font> I've a little giveaway competition up and running until May 20th on the Facebook-Page. So if you like just enter to win some cool lanyards.


    The animations are looking great - very smooth. I'm not sure about the last one though, as it looks a bit like his nipples are on fire. Perhaps it would work better if you positioned his hands slightly further away from his body?

    • Dave
  • I have to agree with Dave on the last animation, I've heard of great balls of fire...but never, nipples... <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    good animation

    but can't help chuckling at Dave Hailwood comment <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • lol...great nipples of fire.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Oh boy. You're all right. Thanks for that input. I'll make him turn his hands beside his body, so that the flames are no longer in front of him.

    Don't forget to enter the lanyard giveaway competition which is still up and running until May 20th on Facebook. Worldwide shipping. Thank you!

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