Legend of Pyxel [Platformer/RPG]

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  • o you ever describe what those yellow things on the ground do? The guy in the blue robe in town talks about the recall stone ".. warp back to town while out adventuring" but it just sends me to those yellow circles. I thought those were save points, ha.

    Fort /-P/r/x\A/ GObLyN - is that on purpose?

    The sound effect when you drink potions seems loud.

    The game is quite fun though. Was sad when I got to the end and didn't level. xD hose yellow things are checkpoints/save-points. Once I set it up so you can save/load games, you can use those to do so, while refilling your health and mana. I'm also currently using them as "bind" points, where you go to when you die/warp. Eventually I will have separate bind points for towns where you respawn/warp.

    I'm going to be fixing the sign lol It's going to say Fort Praxia, with Praxia crossed out and replaced with "goblyn." That's intentional, but more of a placeholder than anything.

    I think I forgot to set the volume for the potions. Also, don't forget to turn in your slime vials for bonus XP :) Thanks for the feedback!

  • Great game! It has a lot of potential!

  • Updated the game just now if anyone wants to try it out. Added a new enemy, and did a lot of tweaking. The opening stages are starting to come together. My next goal is to expand upon the first dungeon, adding in more enemies, some puzzles, platforming, and a boss battle.

  • You let the player use the arrows to move as well

  • Hey great game in perspective!

    What about thinking of AZERTY keyboards ahah?

    For sure I keep an eye on your game!

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  • Everyone's talking about the "bandits"

    I can't find them anywhere :(

  • ey great game in perspective!

    What about thinking of AZERTY keyboards ahah?

    For sure I keep an eye on your game!I'll add in alternate control schemes eventually, it just isn't a priority just yet. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    veryone's talking about the "bandits"

    I can't find them anywhere :( aha sorry. The bandits are currently out pillaging another village, come back another time (I changed the level design since I first posted the game and they aren't currently present. I will be adding them back in soon though!)

  • It's realy a great game man, so simple and funny. Surely I'll spend a lot of time when you add more levels, quests and itens.

    Keep it going please. =]

    haha, I like how it said Lorem=> on all the signs, and it turns out lorem is the village name..

    I thought it was placeholder text.

    I tought it too. =]

  • Is this game still available somewhere? If I click the links I get a "forbidden" error

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