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  • So I'm a tad late posting this, but whatever.

    Here's my game from Ludum Dare, It Will Grow.

    It's a chill little game in which you breed flowers to create different types of plants, with the goal of eventually creating the Golden Fruit Tree.

    I ended up actually using R100 for this, because I accidentally opened it by just clicking the .capx instead of opening R99 first. So, yeah.

    I'm happy with how it came out. There was more I wish I could have done with it, if I had the time. I would have added music if I was even remotely a music person.

    So give it a go! I'm looking forward to playing everyone else's Ludum Dare games!

  • This reminds me of a Windows 95 game I played back in the day. I wish you could select multiple seeds ex: player hold ctrl or something and each click on seed adds to what you have. Also I cant figure out how to water, my precious plants, they keep dying. Other than that looks great you just need more time with it.

    P.S another idea maybe add a time/day cycle show the sun going by maybe.

  • The time aspect is seasons, most plants die off over the winter.

    Why would you want to select multiple seeds?

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  • The time aspect is seasons, most plants die off over the winter.

    Why would you want to select multiple seeds?

    I'm just guessing that in the future you will have different seeds/plants and the player might want to collect some in the stash box above. People just love to collect and anything that can make that faster the better. I came to a point my screen was full of seeds and clicking each single one to either collect or plant was eventually tedious. If i could select a bunch and say plant a bunch at same time that be nice.

    I don't know if it's just me but by instinct (only). I thought I could hold down click like Command and conquer and select a bunch. I feel it's just natural.

    <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I mean, technically you can select a bunch right now, just by clicking on multiple seeds (though the menu does still pop up). That's a glitch, and isn't supposed to happen, since right now, if seeds are on top of each other, you pick up all of the seeds your mouse is pointed over, so you'd never be able to separate them.

    Stuff I've gotta work on.

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