LD2012 October $1 Challenge: Battleship Islands

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Control your space ship in a weird space-time environment and destroy as many enemies as you can!
  • Animate - thanks, that would be awesome to get another upvote! <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Sure, give us the URL when it's up and we'll upvote your game too. Put it in this thread as well, iunkn has all of our submissions in his thread:


    In terms of stats, I've been posting up some of the store reports on my FB site:


    It started off strong, coincidentally when I screwed up the trial mode, so it appeared free. I had about 700-800 downloads a day for a couple of days.

    However, ironically when I fixed trial mode, downloads completely tanked, and now I have about 40-50 :(

    I'll have to fix this by making it free again with IGPs instead.

    I have no idea comparatively I'm doing though, I've got about 3k downloads in total after a week and a bit.

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  • EyeHawk, thank you so much sharing your stats.

    The freemium model is the reigning king right now. Although i believe it doesn't work for all games, it seems to be the one model where most revenue is generated. I would agree that it would be best to add an IAP architecture to your game since your level hierarchic is set up for this type. The best practice is to get the game if front of as many users as possible and wait for a better return in the long run.

    I will check your FB for updates.

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