Lava Run! 1st Game play!

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  • Heres my first gameplay vid, its just to show what ive been doing so far in Construct 2 since my programmer has been basically doing jack all, so here it is!

    NOTE*THIS GAME IS UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT* meaning at the end up its probably going to look way better than it does now, all im doing is getting the mechanics of the game down! Take a look and share it around!

    I realise the title image was a bit long but i was just like "screw it, its only showing like 2 secs of gameplay anyway" haha. Share it around on your FBS, twitters or whatever, or you could share my Fb at michealmurrayart or follow me on twitter I appreciate all the help and it doesnt go unnoticed! :D


  • Heres another game dev log, just an update in which I added coins and a coin counter to count the coins as you collect them. Just a small update for you, stay tuned!

  • I like the way he runs from the lava! HHAHAHA good stuff!

  • Thank you very much sir! I appreciate that alot! :D

  • Ahahaha running animation is awesome

    Good job so far!

  • Great graphics and animation; love how the character is almost horizontal while he's running. Hope demo is coming soon!

  • Thanks guys! I hope to get a demo soon enough on the arcade, i think im going to export for android, ios etc for the final product but ill probably release it on as many potential platforms as I can cause Construct is just that awesome :D


    If you guys want to follow my work more closely than just this forum you can do so by

    1. Following me on twitter

    or 2. Subscribing to my youtube michealmurrayart

    I would really appreciate it if you could! :D Thanks :P

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  • Hey guys, gonna have a demo as soon as I get some music from my programmer so watch the space! :D

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