Justin Time - v010

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  • Oh yes indeed, very nice art. A little flare of some cartoony metal slug pretty cool and nicely fluid.

    Be sure to post the next versions of this one ;)

  • New version(new problems):

    I have added a zooming effect and an dying animation. Its not final in the moment. I don?t like, that it zooms in the middle of the layers. So water and fire are hidden...

    Please jump in the fire a few times. This will slow down the game.

    I don?t know why. Do you have an idea?

    Here is the game:


    Sometimes the angel flies to the left!? Strange...

  • I have made a new version. You find it in the first post. Many things are added, many things have to be fixed in the future.

    Would be kind, if you leave me your comments.

  • Sure, I'd love to :)

    I like the start (the animation with the broken pod is cool)

    Unfortunately i couldnt get far because the sticky keys thing (pressing shift 5 times) kept messing the game up for me. It just became unresponsive after i cancelled it.

  • hey tasty

    Good arts ( even if i did not see them :D )

    which program you use to make the graphics

  • I find the zooming annoying....

    Great Artwork!

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  • Weishaupt: you played an old version. you have to try the one in the first post of this thread.

    : all grafics are done in photoshop.

  • Sorry for double posting. I have added a list of all new feature of v.006 and the hidden debuging keys (in the first post of this thread).

  • Coming along well Tasty, I really like those layers in the background. The sky is really well done too.

    I noticed a couple of graphic glitches, and arrow or two facing the wrong way or rock sticking out of the ground where it shouldnt towards the end of the second level.

    (strictly my opinion again) but I think that shift is a horrible key to have as jump. (Using shift as jump reminds me of the days when we played shooters without the mouse and used ctrl to fire). Apart from the problem with sticky keys, its also a bit clunky - either you have to reposition your hand to be able to press shift button comfortably with your index finger (often leaving your hand in a position thats not ergonomic). The other option of course is for people to leave their hands comfy on the keyboard and use your little finger to jump. Either way - 10 mins into the game they will be feeling it.

    This has turned into a major rant by now, but to me this is a vital basic to get right. Comfortable controls.

  • :

    Thanks Genkigenga.

    Sounds right. Which key would you use for jumping? the "up" key?

    Level: The Levels are made without love for details and suspense. This will be fixed when all elements are included.


    The next big TODO is to fix the moving of my enemies. When they turn there is a freaky bug. Hope I will find it fast.

    Also the GUI is WIP. My idea was to hide as much as possible, cause the most of the HUB isnt important when you play.

  • No problems at all, i think whatever feels comfortable is acceptable. I couldnt tell you the best key to use (in my opinion of course) without seeing more of your game.

    Generally though it would depend on what my character could do. In a simple mario game i would use "S" for jump and "D" as the alternate fire (as to keep both hands involved).

    In a game like ghouls and ghosts (where your player has to tap a button relentlessly to hold back waves of enemies) then i would use the up arrow for jump and "D" for attack (my left is already doing enough work).

    Re: the GUI - Good points i agree, as it is right now youve done a pretty good job. Interested to see how you refine it though. Keep up the good work.

    Sorry for the longwinded answer. - Now back to work on mine! :)

  • I have made an update and forget to tell you. You can play it on the first post of this thread. Next thing to implement are the enemies for sure. But I am still waiting for family behaviors.

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