Infernal Racket, the game about smashing glass! On Steam

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  • A game made entirely in Construct 2 using the NW.js wrapper as well as a whole lotta man hours.

    Steam page:

    From the Steam page:

    Have you ever dreamed of causing untold millions of dollars in property damage while steamrolling everyone in your path? Infernal Racket combines the satisfaction of arcade-style platforming with the guilty pleasure of shattering fragile glassware. Easy to pick up and hard to put down, Infernal Racket is cathartic chaos.

    Smash your way through hundreds of hand-designed levels! The more property damage you cause, the greater the reward, but keep moving--the Spirit of Glass is tracking you down!

    Key features:

    --Survive over 200 hand-crafted levels while breaking everything you can--fine china, priceless sculptures, ancient gemstones, and more!

    --Break glass to gain experience and level up! Choose from 10 powerful upgrades, including the dreaded Murderator (tm).

    --Adjustable shrapnel levels so you can fill the screen with debris and glass shards to your liking!

    --It's like Donkey Kong but you always have the hammer! It's like Pac-Man but you're always powered up! Get revenge on decades of video game enemies that have killed you just by touching you.

    --Unlimited Replayability! Levels are chosen randomly each time you play, but they always get more challenging the longer you survive!

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  • Wow!!! Great game, looks incredibly fun!

    May I ask how did you make those 200 levels? Did you manually create 200 different layouts, or did you use some kind of level builder, or are these levels randomly generated?

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