Horror Adventure Game - Antumbra

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  • Congratulations

    Thank you bro

    this is the perfect example that if you have the right idea at the right time you can have success with a non programmer tool like Construct 2(like Freddy's Night and Multimedia Fusion) and i'm really happy for you, i played the game and i like it, just maybe make the graphic more interesting in the number 2, really like the all the mood btw, go with the flow !

    Thx Vittora! I must admit - the gfx just couldn't be better. That's due to size limit on those portals. They are actually 256/128 size, stretched to fullscreen. But due to pixelish style of the game I've managed to get away with it. That's why for Antumbra I am going HdReady/1280x720. And that's it'll be for desktops. So I can work in peace and do not worry about shitty compatibility on browsers and the size limits.

    Awesome! Is this your first game or did you make others?

    First FINISHED game. I've been playing with game development on and off for past 10 years so I am not exactly a greenhorn. But due to real life - I've never managed to finish even one project Antumbra is the first, that got both finished and published. That's why I find it soo incredibly amazing that it receive such a warm welcome and high ratings. Its very inspiring and motivating. Oh and its actually my first Adventure game I ever made or tried to produce. I am a huge fan of the genre but as we all know - Adventure games due to its structure (lack of replayability, to put it bluntly) are not very popular or profitable to produce. They take a lot of time and you'll be earning a lot more with something arcadish or casual. That's why the whole genre is at the edge of extinction. They are just not worth the time VS other kinds of games.

    Awesome! I love hearing success stories. Very inspiring! I shall check out the horror.

    Thank you! Please do so!

    awesome work

    Thank you kindly Abdal! <3

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  • Sweet!! Motivating! Keep up the great work!!

  • Dum dum dum! Lemme just drop it here :3

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