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  • This game is retro RPG platformer game with classic pixel art graphic.

    The game is about a younger brother called Brendan trying to find his missing brother "Ethan", and one night he enter the old picture of his grandfather to travel to the HopeLand and begin the adventure to find his lost brother in the strange world.

    And the game also includes the assasination mode with 20 levels, PVP archery mode allow 2 player play together.

    How to play:

    Arrow key to Move

    Use mouse to interface, choose weapon, menu, etc..

    "A", "S", "D" to jump, talking, attack, defend etc...

    "Q" use health

    "W" use mana

    "E" use teleport

    "F" open status

    And tutorial inside the game.

    Game on scirra arcade:

    Hope land on arcade

    Game on Kongregate :

    Hope land kongregate

    (vote for me 5 star :)) )

    Game on

    Hope land clay

    Game on Facebook:

    hope land Facebook

    Game on marketJS:

    Hope land MarketJS

    Game on google chrome store:

    Hope land GoogleChrome

    And i'm about to release the game to google play, i'm working on the ads network. The hope land run pretty smooth in my Galaxy s2,and S3, about 30 - 62 fps. More platform you can play on.

    Thank for playing my game ! any help or advise will be great...

    Please like, vote, and share the game for your friend !

  • What a game! I am very impressed. Clearly there's a lot of effort.

    One thing - I'd cut down on the mandatory delay on the dialogue in the beginning. I can read pretty fast so I was doing a lot of waiting.

    Don't get me wrong, that's just a minor thing. The game is amazing, well done sir!

  • thank you bro, in the beginning i want to make a mobile version for this game, and when character talking i want to show ads, everyone can spend time to look at ads. but maybe it's my bad.

  • I agree with sqiddster, cut back on the delays that hold people from getting into gameplay immediately. Other than that, it's a great game. Also, I like the multiple menu options you put in; changes the choices people have and that's a good thing.

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  • Thank robert, i'm sure i'll upload any of my new game to, the website is great for me !

  • Tank you for post. Nice Game.

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