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  • Another game made 100% by me (except for the music) in about 1 week of "soft-work"

    With these three shitty-games I made in the last weeks I find myself more confident with Construct and html5 (I learned ALL I know about game making, drawing, animation and coding in this time, before than that I knew nothing,(0 courses or university) so I invite everybody to start learning how to make videogames, because this is able, and more than that, you can do it by yourself thanks to Construct 2!!! So now I feel prepared to engage a bigger game in a longer period, just some learning about arrays and loops and I'm done! Kratos bless you Scirra team and C2 community, who helped me A LOT through forums and tutorials!

    About the new game I made: this is another bullsh...t and many things can be improved but i'm happy with the end result, totally worth it with the time I spent on that. I made these games mainly to build the necessary foundations to make my own videogames. And as always, tips and advices are welcome!

    The only big issue I find is the first time you play the game, there are low fps until the first ad is shown (with and without preload ad activated) Help on that would be appreciated.

    Thanks again to everybody and I hope we will see eachother for a looong time



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