The Gipiciu - Platform Game

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  • Are you KIDDING me? This pharaoh is SOOOO CUTE *.* lol! Loved it :D

    Man, keep it going! I played the game just a bit and will play more later haha.

    By the way, 2 notes:

    1st> it's nice to see some brazilians pals around Scirra's community!

    2nd> as stated by the others, you really should consider make the screen bigger! It will be better to play and also will show more of this gr8 game design.

  • OAAh! :D

    thaank u Cassianno and imothep85 :D

    Cassianno: I'm still looking how to make fullscreen, I wanted the screen stretched the game and did not increase the viewport, because the positioning of the HUD.

    and it's really good to see Brazilians using construct2 \o/

    <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    [UPDATE 05/03/2012] - I launched a game update, now holding CTRL you carry a power that has up to 3 levels

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  • can you make a vieo tutorial about how do you have made your scroll etc? i have to learn that how to make differents scrolls+plateforms game+ennemies spawn and scores :D

  • The scroll I just place a ScrollTo Behavior in the player mask.

    The effects of transition from one room to another, I did using a global variable that indicates where the player came in and then shows where it should go and where to appear :D

    another thing, I'm having a mega work to create alternatives to mask some objects, because it could not do Construct2 detect the collision of sprites without taking transparent pixels.

    an example is, I have a sprite 150px x 150px, but only in the middle of it that actually has pixels that are not transparent, the rest is all transparent pixel.

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