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  • Hey BACLog I just wanted to check in and see how your work on this has been progressing?

  • any chance you are going to post your updated CAPX? I would love to see where you ended up with it.

  • BACLog I'd also enjoy seeing the further progress

    your work is great

  • I honestly have been so busy with other projects I have not touched this project in quite some time, I am getting ready to release my first completed C2 project. I have made several small projects this being one of them and they all helped to get a better grasp on C2 as far as I can tell this is where the megaman project ended not sure if it is the same one uploaded or not but i'll link to the .capx I have saved.

    I have not looked at it in a long time so I dont even remember what I have done.

    and this is a megaman X style wall cling

  • BACLog is simple AWESOME! I will look into the code in detail, I really like the feeling of the game and the movement, it was like Megaman all over again! :)

    did you ever finished the Megaman engine? I tried to look at the link but it was empty. (I know this trail is "old")

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  • gfigueroa

    I've been back and forth with that project... I decided to not only make an engine, but a nice remake of Mega Man 2 (my favorite of the classic series right behing Mega Man 9) with a few tweaks from myself. Problem is, real life is always in the way, and I have more than one project going on at the same time. Maybe on summer vacation (end of the year for me) I'll have more time to update that project. I surely hope so!

    Anyway, the link for the forum post is this (The game demo is on Scirra Arcade too, but it's too small). Thanks for caring!

  • gfigueroa

    Some things in that capx can be updated and made better, like rather then have the Y Vector set to -1 to have megaman fall i could have used an expression like "player.Platform.VectorY-player.Platform.VectorY" which gives a more natural feeling rather then the -1 it is set to which kinda makes it feel like you are forced to the ground.

    A few animation things i would have liked to touch up and make better, would probably use a 2 sprite method rather then one sprite so the upper body and legs would stay fluid and insure the run animation was consistent even when running and shooting.

    another option would be to have a instance variable that held the frame number of the run and just on return to the run set the animation frame number to that variable IDK probably a better way to do it.

    but for the most part i am still happy with how it turned out. needs work still but feels almost right.

    the slide is what is off the most, i would like for it to have a check to make sure no solids are offsetting the player on top and keep you in a slide as long as you are offset the solid.

    I also use a set player.x method for the slide this is a bad method of performing this action, I later learned a much better way using vectors and max speed increase rather then using the method i have here which is buggy and will raise you off the ground if you slide into the wall.

    I made a more megaman X styled dash that would work with tweaks as a megaman classic slide if you want it uses vectors and you can change direction mid slide which is nice but you might have to disable jump i don't remember how megaman classics slide works completely off hand.

    I might go back to this after i finish my current game, as my next game is more in the vein of classic megaman only with time controls, but never hurts to look at games that did the genre you are trying out right.

  • BACLog That is awesome, I will try to work on this during my free time and upload the capx :)

  • Hi... I downloaded both .capx files for this (the one in the first post and the one on page 2). It seems like the bug when you slide left is still there, sadly. Also there seems to be some major glitching when you get to the boss door, you may want to play with that a little. Also you said you added a charge shot, but I see no sign of one. Are you sure you updated with the version you intended to upload?

    edit: I noticed something else. In the .capx, the mettaurs duck under their helmets when they get close to you, but in the play in browser link version, they don't.

    Overall, this doesn't seem very polished... yet. I know you said you are new to construct, and it does show. but I would advise you not to give up. I saw a few good megaman engines for MMF and Game Maker but for construct this was all I could find, so I am really hoping you will continue to work on this! :)

  • DialgaBrite You should realize this was done over a year ago...

  • DialgaBrite You should realize this was done over a year ago...

    Doesn't matter, I wanted to wish him luck anyway.

  • DialgaBrite

    While i appreciate the comment, I have pretty much stopped completely on this project, mostly due to my own projects taking up more time and effort.

    I mainly used this as a means to teach myself construct 2, pretty much the first project i made after the basic tutorials.

    I may comeback and fine tune this more as i finish up my current projects since my next game will be a side scrolling shooter and the learning experience will be once again meaningful for me.

    as for the charged shot/slide fix differences i am not sure, i do know in the .capx i have on my computer has them, so i reuploaded the .capx (new file name to make sure the changes update) if you still want it here you go. ... ever2.capx

  • thanks! though I found another bug relating to sliding. sometimes the slide ends while you're still under something and then you stand up while under a low wall and can't move.

  • Yeah, the engine is no where near complete.

    to stop the slide bug you are talking about, i planned to make a "slide detector" sprite which would be an invisible rectangle the size of the player hit box, (64,32 if i remember right) and from there just have the engine check if any solids are in collision with the detector if true set the "slide" variable on the player box to 1.

    just never got around to doing it.

    the megaman styled boss door camera needs to be overhauled completely as it is just a testament to how badly i did not understand camera function during the time i created this file.

    i might work on this more today as i have some down time and you brought to my attention the file again and it just hurts seeing all the mistakes i made, also construct 2 has gained so many updates since the files creation.

  • i might work on this more today as i have some down time and you brought to my attention the file again and it just hurts seeing all the mistakes i made, also construct 2 has gained so many updates since the files creation.

    I would absolutely love that! <3

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