Frontier - Space trading/combat game.

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  • farflamex

    Ah yes, it's nice to take a break from this game designing malarkey isn't it? I'm pretty much done with Board Horde for the time being (got a lot of other projects to be getting on with, including endless comic lettering and a few novels). I uploaded it to Marketjs today, and am getting closer to hitting the 'publish' button on Kongregate. Currently the main problem I'm facing is getting the scoreboard to integrate properly; I've had one score show up so far, and nothing since.

    I just gave Korelos a 5 star rating, as I enjoy it and it got a lot of low reviews due to circumstances beyond your control Are you hosting on dropbox, or with a direct link? One thing I noticed is you seem to have achievements and external ads on the Kongregate version, which I removed from my Kongregate version of Board Horde as I'm sure it states its against their rules (just thought I'd mention it).

    I think the best way to approach game development is to balance the quick and easy games with the lengthy but less popular games which mean more to you. Even if you don't find the right market yet, new markets are opening up all the time (take King Of Dragon Pass for example. That was released ten years ago on PC, cost millions to make and only sold 3,000 copies. Then when it was converted to ipad many years later it sold over 30,000 copies).

    Keep at it, and I'll be watching everything you create with interest.

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  • Yeah it's a balancing act. I do think the real trick here is to enjoy what you're creating. I don't so much mind the fact that it's nigh-on-impossible to make money (it would be nice to do this for a living of course) but if the game simply doesn't get played, then it's a real shame. I know Korelos got a couple of fans so I guess that's nice, but I felt it deserved more.

    I did start a couple of new games which are of interest to me. In particular, I've wanted to make a browser version of my football-management game which has been my main source of income since 1986. It's now possible to do that and I even got started and found that it works nicely in Construct 2. So that may be a good project to work on. But even then, I'm worried now that it'll just fade into obscurity and I'll have the usual problem of getting it noticed. I think I just need a break :)

    I also started a space-management game idea which has been bouncing around my head for decades. Also works very nicely so I may get cracking on that - maybe I'll wait for the winter when I need to hibernate :)

    Give me a link to your Kongregate version of Board Horde as soon as it's up and I'll go and vote for it. I really like the game and it annoys the hell out of me that people downvote for such stupid reasons.

    And yes, mine was hosted on, perfect in my opinion as they do most of the work for you and they pay for the bandwidth :)

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