Forgotten Space [PC / Arcade]

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A space themed game with high quality 2D graphics and addictive music that provide hours of fun
  • Game is avaliable on Scirra Arcade!

    You crashed on your ship in an unknown place, you only have a pistol, little oxygen amount and a desire to live. Hiding in the shelter, you realize that the only way to survive is - kill all the monsters. Here we go.

    Fight against endless hordes of evil creatures

    Collect various stuff to survive

    Find Station and use finded resources for crafting things

    Buy weapons and items, which improves your possibilities

    Complete the missions to earn more money

    Full English and Russian language support

    Scirra Arcade Leaderboard support

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  • Very little techical update is available.

    3.0.3 A2

    + New menu background animation.

    + Oxygen supplies pictures is disappearing faster on player sprite.

    + Selectable monsters limit on Settings. (20 or 40)

    Another, more bigger update is coming

    who needs this game whatever lol

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