My first Game and is not a Flappy Bird Clone

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  • Hi everyone,

    This is my first game:

    It has been compiled with cocoonJS and the performance isn't as good as I would liked in mid-range devices (I've been very optimistic about the capabilities of the mobile devices) . In my Xperia S lags bit (okay a lot ) runs perfect.

    I'll be very grateful listening your comments.

  • It looks like a pretty good game. Fairly good graphics, I can see why it doesn't run well on older devices.

    I don't mean to rag or anything but why the name? Flap space? Seems to be capitalizing on the whole "flappy bird" sensation.

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  • I cant seem to find it in the store from my phone.

    It does not come up on the search.

    Am I doing something wrong ? It's an HTC One V Android 4.0.3

  • Hi like when a game title begins by 'Not a flappy bird clone"! Very tired of those clones, I think there's more than 700 of it on the appstore. stop pollution.

  • I heard that stores had censured all games with "flappy" words. Maybe now it's for all game with "flap" ?

    By the way, I think it takes time before finding your game with the search function. I have the same problem with my game and there's no flap* words in the title/description.

  • The titles are not my strong point... (neither the english ). Anyway, I assume that I wanted to capitalize the flappy bird success... The game mechanics are very simple and I thought that a title like this would make the game more attractive (bad idea as you can see).

    I do not know why the game does not appears in "PLay Store" ... I have no idea. I find it without problem.

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