my first game - Canga�o

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  • I loved the game!! I was having so much fun, and then it ended, awww! Let us know when you make more :D

  • muito bom!

  • Good for a test project, I wonder whats next :)

    Looking forward to it.

  • Good work!!Good Job, A Brazilian made!!

    Kara!! Parab?ns!! gostei mesmo... Sou de Sampa, rec?m adquiri esta engine para colocar meus projetos em a??o.

    Temos algo em comum: Games com temas e hist?rias do Brasil.

    Tenho 4 projetos documentados e come?arei por aqui hehe.

    Continuem assim Brazilian friends!!! Show more games to world!!


  • Bom trabalho, dif�cil encontrar jogos brasileiros com tem�tica brasileira

  • Ol� pessoal, estou me dedicando pra fazer um Canga�o melhorado, ser� meu primeiro jogo pra valer. Novidades em breve =)


    Hello friends, sorry for the delay posting again. I took vacation this week, one month and I'll be at home. I'm making a new game, a much improved version of the current Canga�o.

    I want to make games with Brazilian themes, but just thought the Canga�o so far. I want to end up at least two games in February, the second game will be an issue even more childish, but really fun.

    In a few weeks I will have news, and will post here. I want to analyze my game, I'm dedicating hours to it, hope you well =)

    Even more personal.

  • Oba! Great job! You have raised the bar for me on what a first game can be. I am still learning, but I hope to make my first game in C2, too.

    (N�o sou brasileira, mas muitos anos atr�s, quando era menina, eu morava no Rio. Ainda tenho saudades daqueles dias.)

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  • I'm working on another game, still got the new Canga�o, but stopped to do another and I'm excited.

    I think in March I will have two new games, including the new Canga�o. News soon =)

    Thank you, everyone for the compliments.

    Para os brasileiros, e para quem conhece o Brasil como a kittiewan, eu sou Paranaense, mas moro em Natal, e sou apaixonado pelo sert�o. Por isso meu jogo tem esse tema, canga�o.

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