My first Construct 2 game - Action platform 16 bit

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  • Thank you everyone! I have some problems with animations and unfortunately I had no time to work on it these days. My schedule is a bit delayed again, but I'm working hard to have a gameplay video as soon as possible. :)

    You guys can check some animations and new stuffs on my blog If you have some feedback about the animations, please feel free to say it.

  • arcgen what are you using to create the graphics? Inkscape? Are you creating tile sets, or bringing in completed pieces of scenery (castle sections)?

  • Looks very nice and professional. A demo would be nice so we can see if we can help you iron out any bugs or problems (it's easy when you're playing your own game over and over to just think some stuff is obvious, when it isn't to the player).

  • Hey BluePhaze, it could be Inkscape with no problem, but I prefer to use Illustrator because of the interface. I'm using tileset for the bricks and ruins part. For the trees and bigger objects I'm using "complete pieces".

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  • It would be nice farflamex. Is it common post demos to give feedback in here? This game should be commercial (I hope :P), but before that I would like to have as much feedback and test as I can. :)

  • It's a great idea to post your demo regularly in my opinion, so that people can give feedback. It's too easy as the developer to think stuff is obvious which isn't obvious to the player.

    As far as I'm aware, there are no rules against posting a link to your unfinished game for us to test.

  • Art looks nice so far :), I like that style

  • arcgen what do you use for creating your tile sets? Any particular templates, or tools that you would recommend? I can draw my environment, but my current issues seem to come from trying to create the tiles in all the needed positions/angles, etc...

  • Nops. I just use a checker to know the size of the tiles (in this cade 64x64 tiles), and that's it.

    If you want I can sen you a private message with the image attached just to you know better how to make it.

  • Unfortunately I had no time these days to work on the game. I will go back to it next week and will have something new to show :)

  • Looking good :) Best of luck to you and your project!

  • Art looks good,,,, cool man...

  • Wow! Seems promising. Can't wait to play the demo.

  • You created jumper pickpocket also on Constructor 2?

  • Nops. I used a different engine that time. Now I'm thinking of porting the game for mobile using Construct 2. :) Depends on the performance, but the game is very simple and light. Would have no problem I guess.

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