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  • Wow, brilliant! I love the zooming, and I'm so pleased this was done in Construct 2! It looks so professional, I'm sure you're very proud!

    I'd love to know how many events your game has come up to so far. I'm working on a big one that's at 413 (expected to double), but I bet yours is more.

    I too would love to see the capx, I bet it's fascinating. I've wanted to make a game like that in the past, but one where you get to build your own ships from blocks.

    One thing I'd like to point out though if I may, the Kickstarter is a little unclear. It's $19 for a space station and a million credits, which is cool... but for $35 you only get access to the beta? That sounds like you get less to me. Same with the later offers... For $55 it sounds like you get the two above deals, but you could get them separately for $1 less. Finally for $95 you get the $19 + $35x2 which comes to $89.

    Sorry to bring this up, but you may end up putting people off donating high... unless I'm completely misunderstanding. This game has me excited, and I really want to see you hit that $20,000 target!

    EDIT: Also to add that the Kickstarter ends in 23 days, and for $35 you get immediate access to the beta... but below that it states that it's estimated for October <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Amazing! I really hope this becomes successful. Good luck! I'd donate if I could :P

  • Taurian

    Sent you a private message

  • I really love how simple the tasks are.

    But the game does seem relatively slow-paced.

  • DiGiCORE Thanks :D

    AnD4D Yeah the beta launches in October. The Alpha is going on now and I've been giving access to the backers.

    Rory Yeah, I should send you a video of how the tutorial works. I introduce the players to the universe in baby steps as to not be too overwhelming.

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  • Looks....Epic! <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Is it going to GreenLight


  • Yes, here's the link:


  • After several months of development. The BETA has finally gone live for PC. Consider logging in, looking around, fighting some NPCs and giving me some feedback.

    Here are some BETA Keys:






    BETA Client Download (Windows):




  • Good luck with this one! Looks like a helluva lot of time and effort has gone into it.

    Although I'm sure all the Beta keys will probably be gone by the time I get home from work, I'd be happy to give it a play test if I get the chance.

    • Dave
  • It just says 'Downloading Update...' forever as far as I can tell?

  • For me it says "Connecting to plugin, please wait..."

    (and yes the plugin window says the server has started at ws://localhost:8091)

  • Same issue as lemo.

  • Nicely done!

  • Just released the Mac OS Client:


    If you do have a mac, please try and post feedback.

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