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  • Hey All,

    Spent a bunch of time going through a lot of the "How Do I" posts and found it rather informative. With that info I have rebuilt the mechanics for my game Emo Guy.

    Here is a link to the basics in action - DEMO

    Link to CAPX file

    At the moment for testing, the object of game is to find broken hearts (4 in total) as you collect them the world starts to become more and more colorful. On the last collection of a broken heart a section of the level is displayed to be able to complete (currently represented as a portal)

    Current game mechanics: (most of which I was able to find HERE thanks Kyatric for list!)

    • basic movement
    • ladder climb
    • climbable walls
    • checkpoints
    • item collect
    • sprint/boost
    • death from fall heights
    • portals
    • basic enemies with detection / follow (no damage as of yet)

    Things to work on:

    • artwork!!!
    • animations
    • cut scenes

    I am having one issue with the enemies on detection. The exclamation mark only displays on one enemy. I've tried 'for each' with no luck. I imagine I will need to define an instance var, and revisit this event later. In any event let me know what you think of it thus far.

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  • I really like this man, has a really nice art style. Did you design the sprites for the emo yourself? Keep up the good work! I saw it on the other topic, seems like the game mechanics are really coming along too. Could do some funky sprites for generic emo abusers, make a few jock sprites or something. :)

  • Thanks ! I did do all the design thus far myself. I actually updated the DEMO with some of the sprites and animations I've been working on. Not perfect yet, but gives me a good idea of how it will look. Ooooh Jock sprites!? good idea!

    Thanks again

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