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  • I’ve made my first game several months ago, but I couldn’t find an artist to make all the artwork. Actually, someone who would finish what they started. After so long trying, I gave up to make games for now. Not wishing to waste my efforts, I’m divulging the game at Scirra Arcade. The game is incomplete, but it’s perfectly playable from beginning to end.

    The game’s story:

    You found yourself gravely wounded in a desert, and were assisted by a being which is... Different. It’s being hunted, and now, caught up between this struggle, you need to fight for your survival.

    The game is composed of two distinct phases. The first phase is an adventure and a survival experience where you have to gather an army of native creatures by attracting them with special fruits, while fundamentally planning your approach to deal with different situations, where the results are directly dependent on your capacity to adapt to new difficulties. The second phase, my favorite, is a strategic counterpart of a distinct nature I created, where you bring the gathered monsters into the encampments of the planetary invaders who seek to destroy your ally, before they do so to you. You control each category of creatures in turns and choose which ones should develop their extraordinary abilities first, as you ready for a final confrontation.

    Some information:

      - 3 months of work to get the game to this stage.
      • 4826 events (Would be somewhat less if cleaned).
      • Approximately half of the events belong to the main screen of the strategic phase.
      • 98 bugs found and fixed.
      • Minor image glitches that I would only fix if I had a definitive image/animation.
      • Profile management and independent save system.
      • Two available languages: English and Portuguese.
      • I take about 45 minutes to finish the game, someone who’s playing the game for the first time might easily take hours to end it.
      • The game was only tested on Google Chrome and Firefox.

    Three endings were intended, according to the result of the final battle, which would be revealed as cutscenes.

    The game is missing definitive animations/images, including cutscenes, and sounds effects. All images used were done so merely for programing purposes, are not within context at all, and they belong to their respective authors.


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  • Scirra has informed me that due to an issue, the Arcade doesn't support the subtitles from my game right now. My first thought was to remove the game from the website, since the lack of subtitles compromise the experience considerably, but I noticed that there are still people trying to play the game, and I hope that some brave souls might reach the game's second phase and tell me about their experience.

    I'll provide instructions on what to do, due to the lack of subtitles:

      - Click a few times on the subtitles box to get the game started, there are some strings which, although you can't see, are happening.
      • You need to collect fruits in order to heal.
      • Collect crystals by breaking stones (with the left mouse button), and deliver at least 4 to the "plant."
      • Once you are level one, you'll be able to explore the map either way, left or right.
      • Charm 6 creatures of each species offering fruits to them.
        Each creature, when added as a companion, gives you a certain bonus. From down upwards:
        • The first creature allows you to see cloaked units.
        • The second creature diminishes the attack rate of your attackers.
        • The third creature diminishes your attacker's movement speed.
        • The fourth creature increases your mind-attack power.
        • The fifth creature increases your defense.
      • The crystal's purity affects your stats on both phases, collect as much as you can before going to the second section.
      • On the second phase, select an upgrade to be performed and confirm by clicking on the fruit icon.
        A brief description of each upgrade:
        • The first unit: Increases the agility of flight, avoiding sometimes ranged attacks reducing the average damage taken.
        • The second unit: Becomes enraged when starting an attack increasing damage.
        • The third unit: Increases running speed allowing retaliate ranged attacks.
        • The fourth unit: The secondary attack also hits nearby units of the target.
        • The fifth unit: Increases the resistance of the web hindering the target breaks free, lowering their morale. Low morale reduces the average damage.
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