Dungeon Buster [New Info Update (17/3/2013)]

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  • A couple of beauty shots today. Sadly my job is taking up a lot of my time, so updates are few and far between.

    <img src="http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/7508/854ef9f213b744a7ad763bd.png" border="0" />

    <img src="http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/3401/db6abf0ab8004d728b173ae.png" border="0" />

    What do you guys think of the art style of this crypt?

  • This game looks outstanding. Even the older screenshots look great! This reminds me of the games I played in the 80's! Which is a good thing, but with updated graphics. The HUD in the past screenshots looked outstanding. Very good work on this man!! Keep it up.

  • I'm really liking the darker, moodier direction that you're taking the art in. The lighting on the wall works really well and the whole thing has a nice texture to it. Keep up the good work. Its looking great.

  • Drillfoot Thank you :) I've yet to get that HUD to function properly, but I'll get it done sometime soon.

    sman118 I was amazed at how much more atmospheric it made the dungeons when I put an 'Adjust HSL' effect on the scenery layer and toned down the luminosity just a tiny bit.

  • Yeah, sometimes all it takes is playing with the levels. Nicely done.

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  • I've uploaded a teeny tiny preview of the game here. There isn't much to do, but you can walk around and see a few things. The 'e' key is for interacting/dialogue!

  • Very cool! Everything loads up quickly and looks nice. Excited to see where you go with this.

  • This is how the dialogue looks; the name plate changes depending on who is speaking, as does the portrait. Props if you get the film reference too ;)

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/JuL2p.png" border="0" />

  • I've added a new post to the devblog. Work is taking up 95% of my spare time at the moment, so progress is slow.

  • Curious. I think our inspiration for each of our games were quite similar. You may see much the same type of thing in my game, Dream Enders, built in homage to the classic RPGs of the Nintendo.

    Take a look. Maybe you'll see the same type of similarities as I have from your screenshots.


  • CAWithey Oh wow, we're making very similar games indeed! I originally set out to create something akin to the early Legend of Zelda games, but as my design grew and I kept adding bits and pieces of features I realised I had more of an RPG/Action Adventure hybrid on my hands.

  • Zelda is an RPG/Action Adventure, is it not? How does yours differ? Mine has similar RPG/Action Adventure elements, such as gold, levels, and skill points, but varies by taking advantage of Construct 2's lighting and physics systems, as well as a few modern-day innovations (Critical hits, arrow trajectories, etc.).

    Perhaps we could share notes. Or compete. A friendly competition from the fans, when we both have stable versions ready? Would increase awareness for both our works.

  • To me, the Legend of Zelda games are heavily action adventure with a light dusting of RPG elements. To be fair, Dungeon Buster isn't that much different in terms of gameplay mechanics, but I intend to have a more involved story that's character driven than plot driven.

    Not to offend you, but I don't want to compete, that's not what I'm making Dungeon Buster for. I'd much rather share our experiences crafting our games in Construct 2.

  • No worries. Was only intended to be a motivator. I'll be in touch.

  • Sounds good, I'll be following Dream Enders since I'm keen to see where you go with it.

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