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  • Yep. 0.0.9 has bugs. But it also has a new home outside of Scirra Arcade. Try it out in the coming days at game.cawithey.com

  • The game looks great, but I have some problems at play it.

    • The text boxes when you talk with the people never closes. Only if you leave the city then goes off.
    • Sometimes y push attack button but nothing happen. The slimes eat me every times! Maybe I was so slow attacking <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I use Chrome and IE5. Great game! Nice work!

  • Good finds! I was aware of both of them, and I've done what I can to rectify them. However, the dialogue staying open is not a problem I have on my end, and the animation of the character not turning when against a solid object is a problem I've been tackling for a long time. I hope 0.0.10 treats you better!

  • Speaking of which, 0.0.10 is uploaded and live on the Scirra Arcade.


    I'm testing the uploaded version and the dialogue problem isn't occurring here. However, only on the uploaded copy am I seeing a problem with the character selection screen background (supposed to be black with stars).   It works correctly in the preview mode AND the webkit version, so I presume that it's a problem with the Arcade itself. Also, players report problems when switching between other windows or Alt+Tabbing. Controls my stick or the game may become unresponsive. That may also be a fault of the Arcade--I can't be sure.

    Either way, enjoy many, many hours of solid troubleshooting and bugfixing:


  • And... 0.0.10b uploaded. The combat in 0.0.10 was slightly completely broken.

  • hi, I did have some problems playing the game, I couldn't access it properly. (my laptop I think)

    Had another go tonight on my boyfriends p.c and it worked fine. I really like your game. Trying to do something similar, although at the very early stages.

    I like how you enter the buildings, and the layout of the rooms..

    Like your game alot, and as helped me too.

  • Care to collaborate and share ideas? And your problems with your first computer might be the Scirra Arcade itself. After x amount of time passess, I'll be able to host it on a new site. Might work better.

    But tell me about your game. I'd love to hear what you have in mind, and I can share some of my plans in turn.

  • hi

    I'm at the very early stage at the moment. Only really drawing sprites and getting my head around animations. I'm planning the map layout, drawing the houses etc and the main character. I plan to put a mini village, forest, and hope to be able to enter the buildings.

    thanks for your interest

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  • Behold: The final update (on Scirra Arcade) for Dream Enders: Version 0.0.12 ALPHA. Over a year in development, Dream Enders has grown too large in size for the Scirra Arcade to contain it anymore. The game and all future updates are always available at: game.cawithey.com. The Scirra Arcade version does not have music due to size constraints.

    Moreover, I've even created a tabletop Dreamenders RPG game for use with myself and my buddies. To contribute, run, or play Dreamenders RPG, send an e-mail to: DreamscapeNexus@gmail.com.

    To play Dreamenders the video game, visit: game.cawithey.com

    I will no longer be updating this forum with the latest versions, or updating the game on Scirra Arcade. All future updates will go to the above website exclusively. Thank you for your time and for playing Dreamenders!

    Follow @n00bsaus for all DreamEnders updates and activity in the future.

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