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  • Hello,

    I'm new to Construct2 and would appreciate any constructive feedback to this simple game I created.

    My game may look familiar. The inspiration for the game came from this link:


    In general, I'm pleased with how the game works. I'm really just curious if everything looks like it's set-up properly (since I'm new to this) Or, if there are any other C2 games out there like this one?


  • I think what you've made could be a really interesting game. You could almost play on loads of stupid stereotypes and it'd be really cool to see how many people actually put together the stereotype and the caption together & make the info available on some sort of score sheet.

    Don't know if that was what you're aiming for, but it could be a bit controversial, fun and make people reflect on their view of the world :).

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  • Hey Toby12,

    Thanks for the feedback. The initial intent of the game was to be a "sequence" or "what came first" game. But I think you're correct, the game could go in a different (possibly more interesting) direction.

    Hopefully you got to see my capx before the link mysteriously disappeared from my original post. I hope I didn't upset Big Brother on my very first Forum post.

    My intent in posting the capx file was to get feedback on the setup of the capx file - since this was the first I ever created.

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