Don't Tax Me, Bro! [DEMO]

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  • Hey, guys! This is my first post on the forum ever- I don't know why I have been a lurker for so long!

    Don't Tax Me, Bro! is basically a platform action runner with procedural generation [level, allies and baddies], power-ups and hats. Also, there's ragdolls!

    Play the demo on -

    Also, I would be ever so thankful if you would vote for it on Greenlight!

    Lemme know what you love and hate, but especially hate!

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  • Very nice, I seriously paid my taxes 5min ago and it hurts to see so much money disappear from your account Totally feel like running away like the dude in the game, haha

    Simple but great art style. Voted yes on greenlight. Good luck!

  • Anonnymitet - Thanks, man! 😁 Know the feel - that's why I made this to begin with. Thank you for voting!

  • TibiT Wow congrats man ! Being a good pixel artist and a good game developer at the same time is a bless.

    Here is a quick review on your game and some noticeable small glitches:

    • First of all I give the art, sound fx and game design 9/10.
    • There are some sound pops at the beginning, I don't know if it's intentional or not but I think you should verify that on all browsers (I tested with Opera).
    • When busted, and if you don't press to continue, the cops keep saying the same word again and again.
    • There is no depth between what is an obstacle and what isn't, the buildings have a pattern that confuses the player into thinking that some paintings are obstacles.

    Overall your game is really good. Good luck with your official release !

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