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  • damainman

    thank you for the recommendation, I'm going to look out for it on PC (cheap)

    would you say its one of the best games for trading?

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  • mineet Yeah, I'd say one of the top 5. You sink a ship, you plunder it's goods. You go to a dock you can trade said goods for other goods or money. Also each ship has a limit to how much it can hold. Very simplistic. But it would be no different than selling something as far as programming goes. Money is a variable and say...livestock is also a variable. You'd set up a ratio for those two - 1 livestock = 20 money. etc etc.

    Different towns or traders depending on how you want to handle it can offer things at a different ratio (I'm terrible at math so someone else would have to help you there. One trader offers you $20 per Livestock, another offers $15 but may offer you $20 for sugar for example.

  • damainman

    hi, thanks so much for the detailed reply..

    I have managed to come across a copy for the P.C.. I have yet to play it though..

    I do like how in age of empires there has to be a balance.. so the player has to think of all areas..

    (although my game will be less hectic,and much simpler )

    I haven't much experience with trading games so i'm hoping your recommendation will help me with this area...

    thanks in advance

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  • mineet No problem :) I've played the crap out of that game in some shape or form for the past...20 years or more haha! It's stuck in my mind pretty good. The portable versions are like crack. PSP and iOS. Also I'm wondering if Civilization is another one to look at...

    Anyhow, have fun creating!!!

  • damainman

    hi, I couldnt get the game to work on my P.c, but luckly I'm able to require retro games quite easily..

    I had a few choices and decided after reading the cover to play Patrician iii... has anyone played it? its good... its all about trading.. the menus are really good with detailed information on your stock .. and pop ups with news appear to help you plan your next moves..also clicking on certain buildings gives you information and choices.. all trading is done at the trading docks... which I thought could work with mine ... say have a meeting place for trading.. in addition I like the idea of a heading across the top with icons to give you basic instant information.. money/ buildings etc..

    the trading menu works well too, with your stock. their stock and how much you have paid in columns...

    (example below)

    I think I will explore this game more (because its so enjoyable) but also the some of other games I have at hand.. 'PHARAOH' AND THE SETTLERS IV,, to give me different ideas..

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  • mineet

    Just thought I'd mention the King Of Dragon Pass game is currently down to $1.49 in the gog summer sale for the next 24 hours (if you have a PayPal account you can buy it that way). It seems a very good place to pick up bargains at the moment as there's lots of sales going on. You could probably find many other trading games there if you hunt around.

    Pirates, as mentioned by damainman is an absolute classic. I have that in so many forms (including ipad, PC, and Amiga 500). Settlers is a good choice too, I always loved that one (could never get into patrician though).

  • Dave Hailwood

    wow that is really cheap; I'm going to look into it, see if my P.C can play it; that's the trouble i've been facing..

    I did read about it on Wikipedia and the images on google; I like the sound of it..

    I do have a few games lined up next to me; a different copy of ' sid mieiers pirates, and also pirates of the caribbean..

    I haven't played patrician in a few days I kept loosing a mission.. but i do enjoy the game and it has given me some ideas.. although i would like to experience other games too..

    thank you for getting in touch with news of this great offer its appreciated <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • mineet Pirated of the Caribbean...A sim based on the movie but not really based on it at all haha! Thats a full blown 3d Pirates rip off if I remember correctly.

    What are you running for a pc? The last release of pirate came out around the original Xbox era, It should run on a netbook!

  • damainman

    hi its dual core system, but I've only got an onboard graphics, running vista..

    Dave Hailwood; thanks again for the gog info; I bought the game .. had a little go, but I don't think my heart was in it after playing Patrician 3 I was spoilt I think.. I need to give King of Dragon Pass some more time.

    At the moment I'm deciding to play 'Stronghold' for the building/management side..

    I really appreciate the time you have both spent giving me information and help.. and I hope the next time I'm able to update my thread with some actual evidence of any working progress..

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