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    Ever wondered how is the life of the head of an IT Department?

    Get a glimpse!

    (Of course, in the real life, it's waaaaaaaay more complicated)


    Left-click on the red windows to open a popup menu with options to solve tickets. Left-click on one of the options and wait to see if the ticket is solved.

    Mouse-over the red arrows to see more of the tower.

    You can play on Scirra Arcade - I can't post URLs yet

    Or you can play on IT Dept's site:

  • You just need 1 more option: (said in a thick British accent) "Hello, did you turn off and back on again?"

    I don't think I could play it too long, but for a 1 time short run I enjoyed it. Of course, having worked in I.T. for many years, it brings back some bad memories so that might be why I couldn't play long.

    I like the graphical style but I think there could be a little more to the game play. Maybe you could have a set of user descriptions of the problem and make them all vague enough that it is still difficult to figure out which solution will work.

    P.S. if you don't get the reference from the first line, look up the British comedy "I.T. Crowd." You know what, even if you do get the reference, look it up anyway. It's always good for a few laughs.

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  • Hi,

    Yes, I got the reference, loved the show, very funny. We at first thought of including it like one of the options, but it was a long phrase, so we dropped that.

    You're right, the game gets annoying after a while, mostly everyone complains that there is no way to figure out what to do when a ticket is opened, because the windows are always the same for any solution.

    Or, like you (who worked in I.T.), complains that the problems do not have any (even vague) descriptions.

    Well, you're right, our fault.

    So I agree with you, we could have a little more to the game play. But consider this was all done in a game jam, we had probably less than 40 hours to do everything, including caming up with the idea, so that's why it fell a little bit short.

    But anyway, thanks for the feedback!

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