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  • Hi everyone!

    Just came up with this idea for a game a few days ago and I've been laboring to get it completed. It's not quite what I initially imagined it as, but I'm totally happy with it thus far.

    The game is tentatively called "When Darkness Falls". I say tentatively because I'm not sure how it might clash with other book/band/media uses of the title.


    It's a survival game that plays somewhat like the classic game, Missile Command. The goal is to keep the Darkness (which currently look like black worms crawling down the screen) from hitting the ground.

    You are the Light, combating the Darkness. The following methods are used to control the Light.


    RIGHT-click moves you to the mouse position.

    LEFT-click triggers Light Blast, destroying all on-screen Darkness.


    Touch anywhere on screen to move the Light to that position.

    Touch the SCORE to trigger Light Blast.

    Click or touch anywhere on-screen to initially start game. Likewise at the game's end,

    As the Darkness hits the ground, it pushes the darkened skies downward, eventually ending the game because darkness encompasses it all. The city buildings are pushed down and eventually destroyed when hit and when they're all destroyed, the game ends as well.

    This is a beta version (hosted through Dropbox currently), though I've tested it very thoroughly thus far and haven't noticed any bugs. No scoring system is yet implemented and I haven't yet tested Touch controls.

    Positive and negative feedback is more than welcomed!

    That said, click here to PLAY!

  • Really cool man. I loved it. Just loved it. My score 1460. I don't think it's a big score but my screen was full of dark works and I couldn't survive :D.

    Keep working on this man. Be sure I will stay tuned. I also hope you will add new powers. For example a power for increasing your speed, etc. You might find some inspiration in this game. It's a bit (just a bit like yours). The game is called Sinuous. Here is the link to play it.

    Link for Sinuous

    By the way, feel free to try also my game if you have time and leave me some comments. I will appreciate. You can play it through my signature. Thanks!

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  • Thanks for checking it out, anthonykojima! Really appreciate your feedback on it. A speed boost sounds like a great idea to me. I'll have a think about how integrating that and other possible powerups.

    I really like that Sinuous game, thanks for mentioning it. I tend to like relatively simple games with cool graphics and sound. It certainly looks like it could be made with C2, but looking at the page's source, I couldn't really tell. I took a look at the developer's site, they're simply awesome. Excellent JavaScript/web developers there. I think their canvas experiments would greatly benefit from C2 use if they're not already using it.

  • Cool idea.

    I really like the graphic style - its simple but the effects make it look nice. I also really like the use of colours, but the only problem is that I was getting eye strain pretty quickly.

    The way the black blocks emerge from the black background - my eyes were overworking to spot them as soon as possible.

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