Currently in development for a new platformer

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    There is absolutely no art. This is just basically a stage I built, but I just wanted to do a basic layout before I get started onto anything big. I'm currently in school, so working on this game is a hobby I do on my free time.

    So far I put in double jumping, death on spikes, checkpoints, shooting, and charged shots. I have a dash, air dash, and wall jump that still need tweeking before I update the game.I feel that character movement is a big part of the game before I move onto enemy ai and stage events.

    If you guys try out what I've created so far, you guys will see that the gameplay is similar to mega man/mario. There's plenty more I want to do like make it a beat em up with some rpg elements and upgrades within he game, but for now this is all I have. Hopefully I can find an artist in the future!

    Please give me some feed back guys. I really do want to make a game that resembles old school platformers with new school elements!

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  • Looking good so far.

  • That's a start for sure. It's pretty basic but the games you are targeting are basic too, so I think you are good to go. Give us some more, though, for further comments :)

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