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  • Help the little bat to challenge her way threw the huge cave and to overcome all obstacles.

    Or design the game quite individual, by uploading ground, background, obstacles and the creature you control yourself to create your own, fantastic world and maximize fun!

    It's possible to choose from two different modes:

    The Offline-mode confines on the classic version, in which you have to guide the bat threw the adit.

    The Online-mode allows you to let your imagination run wild and build a personal world of the game.

    The only thing you have to do is to upload the game elements, composed of ground, background, obstacles and the controling aviator, on to be able to use them in-game!

    Alternatively you are able to play in worlds other players already created.

    This assures diversified fun, so ready, steady, tap!

    for more information check out our webpage: deingame[dot]de or scirra arcade page and search Crazytap


    ? complete free

    ? complete online mode - (Create your own Graphics upload them on our homepage and play with them Online)

    ? 4 mode difficult system

    ? works on all android devices (Phone / Tablets)

    ? complete offline mode

    ? Change gravity

    ? changing backgrounds

    ? background sounds

    ? online highscore system which can be checked on our homepage

    ? Facebook and Twitter integration

    Online Mode is only available in the Android version

    you can get the free version on google playstore just search "Crazytap"

  • Looking good let me try ... have you integrated add with this free version also ....

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  • yes there are a little ad at the top of the game but it's not disturbing

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