CoinOp Story [WIP]

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An interactive story book template with narration, find hidden images, settings, pages, character interaction.
  • Thank you all.

    skelooth Well it depends on the machine you play on. I have 2 quality modes which are visually quite close. The low quality runs 60fps on a 2 years old low budget laptop. (and 45fps in High quality mode generating annoying input lags and several triggering bugs!)

  • Amazing art.

    What you mean by High quality mode ?

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  • A0Nasser Ho this is just the fullscreen scaling parameter in construct2.

  • mind blown game...the idea is super, think at how many things you can put in! watch out for the copyright btw...

  • Just updated the post with some recent screenshots.

    vittoraboy Thank you. Even if the copyrights can be an issue (because I use a screenshot of each game and 2-3seconds of the soundtrack), the huge main problem was the trademarks. So I already changed every game titles and removed all company names. (so I hope it will be ok for a free game. I'm confident about that)

    So now, to unlock new features, we have to acquire games like that :

    In fine, it's more fun than the real names.

  • Just updated the post with some recent screenshots.


    Sir, you're going to win internet

  • Altered Feast? Haha, looks legit!

  • Definitely looks legit, I enjoyed the video and curious to see where you go with it!

  • Wow. I love seeing truly independent game development look and feel so nice. Thank you very much for sharing this with us. It is quite inspirational.

  • After several visual attemps, I finally got an interesting 'mood' for the "DipSwitch Caves" area :

  • Love how the giant cab look!

    Nice work on the background, too!

    (Not that sure about the dithering on the exits, though. A bit too Nokia 3310 for my taste)

  • Any plan to release the game soon?

  • Aurel Thanx! Lol Nokia 3310 I will try something else then.

    A0Nasser Yep! I have two plans to release it soon. First one is to finish my temporal convector in order to get a copy from the future. The second plan is a bit harder : I will have to get all of you close to a massive black hole for 1 hour, giving me years of work and polishing on earth.

    (Yes I saw Interstellar and I loved it <3 )

    More seriously, I hope to finish it early 2015.

  • Sir. your project is positively inspiring for those looking to see what even free Construct can do! I look forward to playing your game. Loved the YouTube video. You've got a fun concept in it and its looking great so far!

  • I found your game on the main page itself and I love the concept! I have a generic Jamma cabinet at home so it hit a sweet spot for me! (yes it is an European model too, French to be specific (yes I do own Bubble bobble pcb among others)

    I wonder however, is it possible to use gamepad for the game (Coinop Story, not Bubble bobble ) I tried using my pad but only the buttons works?

    I am not too keen on using keyboard...

    Again, awesome idea!!!

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