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  • I'm posting a game I created ages ago to seek feedback on how it can be improved.

    It's a very simple game, just chop the oncoming lumber whilst avoiding the bombs. If you chop a lumber piece near the centre of the.. thing (don't know what to call it exactly), you will gain 2 points instead of 1.

    A fair amount of people have played it, some liked it and others didn't. The most common responses I got were:

    • The speed of the objects progresses too fast. (Easily fixable)
    • You can't really tell when the log is close to the centre to get double points. (Might just remove this feature)
    • There isn't much to it.

    I am considering revamping the game and I already have ideas on how to improve it that would work quite well, but a clearer picture on the games faults is needed (besides the ones mentioned above). So if you could quickly play the game and share your thoughts, that would be greatly appreciated. Be honest.

    The game was only made in a few days. Not much effort was put into it.

    Game Link:

    Controls: Tap or use arrow keys (use both at the same time to chop both sides.

    And here's a screenshot:

    Thank you <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • Really nice idea

    I think it's better to change the background color also the woods color to make it easy to see it.

    What's the top score you ever made?

  • Nice!

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  • its awesome.. its interesting short game, turns to be a bit annoying but its good.. has that addicting effect flippy bird has.. or most of small games of this type have.. great job

  • Well I'm horrible at it!!!! But that's not your fault. The idea is nice, but the art style is not to my taste.

    Couple of suggestions:

    1. Start with a lower speed for the objects, but keep ramping it up the longer the game goes on. That should be fun imo, a "see how long you can last" kind of situation.

    2. Add some more powerups/powerdowns. For example you could add a powerup object that, if you manage to wack it, it will reverse the movement of the objects for a bit, thus giving you another chance to destroy some of the ones you missed. Another powerup could be a "bouncy ball" if you hit it starts bouncing between the walls(screen edge) and the other objects, and destroys said objects for you on impact(giving you score and stuff just like if you had destroyed them yourself). etc.

    On the final release I'd like to help out with spreading your game. I don't have a lot of twitter followers, only around 200 or so, but I will tweet about your game if you want. So if you do save me somewhere, and when it gets done send me a pm telling me what particular message, hastags and link you would like me to use.

    Good luck with your game mate.

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