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  • Play Children of Apollo on Steam now!

    Play Children of Apollo on now!

    Children of Apollo is an exciting twin-stick shooter in a short, arcade style format using a blend of classic and modern gameplay elements.

    After the Apollo missions humans send an expedition to explore Mars but things go terribly wrong.

    You are the heroine sent to save the imprisoned humans from their Martian captors.

    Key features:

    Five challenging levels.

    Classic twin-stick gun play.

    Permadeath option. You die, you start over.

    A variety of unique enemies to challenge your arcade shooter skills.

    Simple controls. Just move and shoot. The challenge is in the gameplay, not the interface.

    Retro style graphics, sound, and music.

    No random maps. Every tile is hand placed.

    Full gamepad support.

    Also plays well with WASD/mouse.

    Old TV effect is optional.

    NOTICE: This is a short game meant to be played through in a single sitting like old console or arcade games. Therefore, progress is not saved when you quit the game.

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