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  • Hi, I just wanted to talk about the project that I'm working on since the beginning of this year.

    It is a game 1 vs 1 online and local.

    My intention is to publish it on Steam.

    The idea for the game occurred to me when I visited a children's school and I could see the games they played, so I imagined how I could develop one of those games that caught my attention and I thought that the online 1 vs 1 and local mode was the best , then I was developing and modifying a few parts a bit and so I am in the development of this game.

    I am using the photon plugin and I am currently organizing the code and doing tests to deal with the lag and receiving the packages with the standard system.

  • Hello, to drop something here ... this is the staff of the game in which I'm involved.

    They appear in front of a wall in which there is a sign indicating the start of the contest that the game is about, there are no girls ... I did not think of putting any girl and now I have closed this issue of the character roster.

    At the beginning everyone will be blocked except one, the levels and characters are unlocked by the player when he has the number of "points" (I put it in quotes because they are not exactly points) necessary to unlock the level or player he chooses.

    Each character has its own animations, there is no base animation that everyone uses.

    I do not understand how to insert a gif of Giphy here correctly. The gif looks blurry.

    This is the direction that the title screen I am working on is taking, the influence of Looney Tunes on this is obvious.

    This is the reference I used for the running animation, they all have 6 frames.

  • This is what I'm almost finishing, it's a level based on goodies.

    A bag of open Haribo bears moves over an area in which the bag is shaken to release the bears, the bears fall apart when they reach the ground, retain the character, make it go slower and prevent it from jumping.

    I'm not sure if I managed to make it look like an open bag but I leave it there.

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    The part of the bag that is seen is the one marked with the red rectangle, the letters of the HARIBO brand I have not put them to prevent any problem that may bring me to put the brand, I guess you will have your rights, I have not thought to contact them to ask for their permission, I could do it, it would be fine.

    And this is a track I was doing for the title screen but ... nothing convinces me, maybe I'll abandon it, I think the right thing is a much faster tempo.

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  • I'm still working on the game.

    These last 4 weeks I have been implementing level 4, this level changes a bit the gameplay and it has taken me a lot of time.

    I invest between 4/8 hours a day in the game.

    I passed an alpha to Tom, he has made a painting in his home with the title screen, although the screen is still unfinished but it did not matter.

  • Friends, I'm still working every day in the game although I do not upload new things to this thread very often, the project is still alive (in case someone is interested).

    Here I show a capture of the first level unlocked, it is a park in which there is a pub in the background, it is the simplest scenario in which to learn basic mechanics.

    I have applied a filter to the image to give the appearance of an old magazine (retro game).

    I hope you like it.

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