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  • We�ve been working on this game for a few months now at Out Of The Box Entertainment, and are ready to show off an earlier demo build to the users. The mechanics are based off of the popular Scirra Arcade Game �Go Faster�.

    Please remember that this game is in very early stages, and many of our assets are missing, or currently being replaced with temporary art. We are also in the processing of doubling the resolution, changing the characters, and adding a few features that are not yet ready for public viewing.

    Collect survivors to gain enough ability charges to activate your character�s ability. Survivors will also give you more coins than just running. Upgrades, Characters, and Levels can all be purchased in the store.

    A or D - Left/Right

    W or Space - Jump

    F - activate ability

    Please give feedback and suggestions towards Art, animation, gameplay, or any mechanics. If you have a good idea that you feel would make the game fun, please share! You can also contact us directly at

    Alpha Demo:'t%20escape%20ALPHA/index.html

    Here�s our Indie DB page:

  • bump! Sorry! Just really looking for some useful feedback!

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  • I like the idea of the game mechanic, running from that wave of what ever it was.... though, atm looked looked a big transparent red/yellow square >_>

    The market menu from the start menu looked promising.

    Didnt get to finish a level or something as the shaking and the rocking of the screens totally kills any buzz for me I got from the running.

    check the forums how to smoothen that out, probably some lerping or like will greatly improve the gameplay there.

    fix that screen rocking, and I will definately try again :)

  • Thanks!

    the screen rocking happens when the player is too close to the killer tile, but we can definitely lessen it so it's not as annoying! Yea the first level is going to be an explosion, 2nd level is an avalanche. The 2nd level is the most complete level, but you must purchase it using the store with the money given to the player.

  • Now I'm almost tempted to go again haha

    Suggestion: instead of some firm rocking of the entire world :P how about when the danger gets really close you get this hasty sounding tune and a slightly zoomed in view of the player with the wave on its butt.

    I think that could make it some sort of adrenaline moment :)

  • interesting idea! but if it zooms in on the player wouldn't it reduce the visibility a lot making it hard to see where the tiles were?

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