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  • Hey,

    I just finished a game in C2. In retrospect I should've posted it here to get free beta testing, but .. next time, next time.


    Click on gear on splash screen and Erase Data if you want to clear your progress through the game.

    There's a known bug with zoning between different acts and music dropping in volume/not changing. It only happens if you zone too fast. I've tried all sorts of solutions but until we have a "fade" effect in C2, it's always gonna be ghetto workarounds like lerping or other hacky solutions.

    Let me know if you find any bugs. Thanks!

    PS. Play in Firefox / Chrome. I don't think sound works in IE despite importing WAVs and following all instructions to the dot. If someone can let me know how to fix that, that'd be splendid (they play just fine when exported to Windows 8).

    PPS. Can't export to Scirra Arcade, because it's 27mb zipped. :(

  • I can't get it to open.

  • Hmm, I can open it just fine in every browser across 4 devices. Can you tell me what the problem is?

  • Here's a Chrome Store version. That should launch for everyone (though the HTML5 one works too).

    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/deta ... bfabhoipoe

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  • I see the wizards had in the water? But its not clear to me how to get it

  • wow, thats a pretty polished little game you got there.

    I also could not get to the wizards hat though.

  • im sorry if it seems annoying or has been answered before but how were you able implement ads into the game


  • Whoa, the Wizard's hat is supposed to be in the cave level 3. That's very odd.

    I don't think I ever implemented ads into the game. The ad you see on my page is simply Google Adsense - it's not inside the game.

  • I get to level 5 and can't level up any more. I was able to beat the game, but the problem was with the experience bar always going up. If 5 is the max level (for now) then I suggest you have it stop the experience gain.

    BUT! Great job, it was fun playing. I love rouge likes, and would love to see this gem grow some more.

  • Yeah you get to level 5 and the bar keeps going up until just under 6.

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