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  • I've been making steady progress over the last week on my Bowls app. It is 'Short Mat' which is an indoor variation of bowls played over a shorter distance.

    Current features are:

    • Intuitive touch screen controls
    • Easy to pick up, hard to master
    • Single player / Local Multiplayer modes
    • Replay feature (Replay last shot or entire match once completed)
    • Rules / Help page

    It is Free on Google play store (Search Bowls):


    or it can be played online at:


    On the PC you play 3 ends, on android you can choose.

    Currently I'm looking at trying to add multi-player if possible. Might have to wait for when C2 updates =)

    Open for comments on how to improve! I know graphics need alot of work but that will come once I have the gameplay / modes etc I will change the sprites / animations.

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