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11 loops of RPG, chiptune/8-bit music. Suitable for any pixel art game.
  • good work - congratulation - LIMBo


    Hey thank you! Glad you enjoyed it so far!

  • Damn dude this looks and plays great.


  • Damn dude this looks and plays great.


    Hey thank you! I appreciate that! Ill be posting a final update here shortly. After that Ill be getting it ready for mobile devices etc.

  • 8bit??? this is like 1bit..

  • That's a smooth game, really liked!


  • Hey guys, Ive been quite busy lately working on several projects.. But my main focus has still been BitCrypt. Thanks to all of the feedback from everyone who played it on here, and on several other forums and game portals, Ive decided to make it into a full blown game. Ive reworked the graphics to polish the game up, Im reworking the mechanics to make them feel smoother, and Im adding tons of new levels, new mechanics, and a short story to why you are there in the first place. After that, we well see how it goes. I can see building other crypts to explore, and adding on to this project over time. Anyway, Ill shut up now, and show you what Ive been working on. Hope you like it!

  • Incredibly cute graphic, good work!

  • Neat, I like it. Compelling in its simplicity. Fun and easy to play. Great job!


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  • Graphics are nice in their simplicity, cool lighting effect. Maybe the flames jumping out could use some lighting magic too. Made it to the part with the slow moving platform and a row of spikes above that kill me way too much when I jump over the moving object. Cool game overall, maybe make that slow moving platform move quicker when you enter the stage or start it closer as players will be replaying that section a bit due to its tough positioning. The game works better when not waiting but going. Anyways, cheers and great job!

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