Better Random Terrain via Midpoint Displacement

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  • I would love to see the example of only having a set amount of tiles in your game window at once.If this is possible i could do things i never thought possible with construct 2. Im making a terraria/Minecraft style of sandbox game.

    Sorry for keeping you waiting RookieDev, haven't been active recently due to life.

    I'll be looking at the example trying to improve it, this will be an implementation for sure.

    How can I make a tree generator for this?

    Its just an example, I would need to use some similar code to spawn trees, chests, mobs, and so on,

    so if I want, for example, that 1 on 50 blocks (top block) got a tree,

    how can I code that?

    I thought it would be easy as it has a grass generator for the top blocks,

    but after an hour trying I couldn't do it :/

    I'll work on getting this in too, You could pick an X column, then scan down the Y until you found a solid. Hopefully it'll be a pain-free process, but we'll see.

    I'm going to try to make it generate into a non-power of 2 length for more control over level generation. Hopefully it'll be done soon, I'll try to get it finished it over the weekend.

  • Intrepid I just wanted to check with you and see if you have made an new updates?

    Thanks for all the work on this! Great example!

  • Venivididormi

    Can you please Post the .RAR file again? It would be really really appreciated....

  • NNGS

    Unfortunately i've given up on this project. It works very well codewise, and I learned a lot, but the construct 2 engine is just too slow for this to work at any reasonable scale. When I have a small world, it runs fine. When you add enough blocks for the world to actually be interesting, or add any AI capable of platforming, it just bogs down. I also get horrible frame rate burps from garbage collection at random times.

    To do a project like this in a reasonable scale and framerate, you'd need a non-interpreted language like C++. This engine just isn't optimized enough to handle thousands of blocks (even when using systems to turn off blocks when far away etc). Sorry to disappoint, and trust me, i'm bummed about it myself after all the time spent. I was hoping this engine would be more robust, but it really is only useful for simple mobile games, or simple 2d platformer games on pc.

  • Yeah unfortunately i have been experiencing some of the same problems while trying to figure out a way to get something on that scale running smooth!

    Do you know much about Game Maker, MMF or anything else like construct? or would my best bet just to goahead and learn C++ Now?

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  • Have you tried with the Tilemap plug?

  • I like to know how do I it adds more blocks, and how I do, for example to add blocks of stone and coal. Same as Terrarian.

  • I get 13 FPS on a computer I edit video on, anyone else get a low FPS?

  • Solutions????

  • Uh nice one.

    Gotta try to make some interesting things with this.

  • Yann and Intrepid,

    How can I add different blocks like in minecraft?

    Also, can you save the blocks location using array or XML?

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