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  • You can now play at:

    Hey everyone, Balloon Wars is a game where you battle against the neighborhood, and eventually the world, in a water balloon fight. It's an arcade/action type game with light puzzle solving. It will eventually be released as a mobile app, in addition to an online version. My target audience is elementary school through high school, but I hope that people of all ages will find it entertaining.

    The environment is interactive to a certain extent, and you use your water balloons to interact with it. This is where the puzzle solving comes in; different objects can be used to your advantage to more quickly and easily beat a level. These can be simple discoveries or (in later stages) mini Rube Goldberg type interactions.

    Aside from minor fixes and additions, core missing components as of now are:

    • Interactions: some are already present, but there are many more to come
    • Kid variation: only one type of kid is in the game, he simply wears different shirts :)
    • Stages: 12 levels (one stage) is almost complete, with four more stages to go

    Any thoughts or concerns, likes/dislikes are appreciated! Have fun :)


    Wanted to do a quick update on a few new features...

    • Don't read my long previous post! A tutorial is now included on the first level.
    • Clouds! Doesn't affect gameplay, but they are nice to look at :)
    • More object interactions.
    • Expanded options menu.
    • Easier to hit enemies.

    Currently working on visual targeting feature.

  • Enjoyed it. Would recommend having an audio effect when hitting the opponent. And maybe hold down mouse button for continuous water balloons.

  • Thanks for your feedback, those are both great ideas! A special sound when the enemy is hit (instead of the normal splash) would definitely be more satisfying. I think I will leave it as holding down the mouse makes bigger balloons. When I get around to including power ups, the continuous balloons would be great as one of the power ups.

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  • Nice one! I enjoyed it. Maybe a nice add would be when a balloon hits you, it decreases your score. :)

  • Thank you for checking it out, I'm happy you enjoyed it :) I do like your suggestion of decreasing the score...but I think I might use it for another feature. There will be certain things that you shouldn't hit, for example, like an old lady or police officer, and your score will decrease for hitting them.

  • UPDATE #2:

    You can now play at!

    Two major components to the game have now been included with this update.

    • Targets: Included so far are kites, birds, and cats. Hitting 3 targets allows you to use a power up.
    • Power Ups: Three are available.

    You unlock the power ups by discovering the special objects in the levels.

    Spoiler: Using your water balloons, hit the pool slide to unlock power up #2, and hit the sprinkler to unlock power up #3.

  • UPDATE #3

    New this build:

    • Better balloon arcs - smaller arcs for closer throws, bigger arcs for longer throws
    • Better aiming - because of the changed balloon arcs, you can now click right on a kid to hit him with a balloon
    • XP - hitting kids and targets with balloons gives you XP, and each time you fill your XP meter you unlock a new power up
    • Two game modes - the story mode where you progess through the levels earning XP and unlocking power ups, and now the new "Endless" mode, where you choose a location and it progressively gets harder
    • Visual feedback when hitting kids, targets, and special objects

    The Endless mode has all power ups unlocked for testing purposes.

    If you don't play the first level in Story mode, here's a quick how-to-play:

    Click to throw a balloon, hit kids with balloons and hit targets (kites, birds, cats) to use power ups (every 3 targets earns a power up)

    Click red balloons to keep them from hitting you

    Hovering over power ups will tell you what they do

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