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  • Hi everybody,

    Our game is now on a special GamesCom week sale, 100% off!

    While the game is still in beta, it is pretty much done and thoroughly tested, but we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts!

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    Castle levels

    Three enormous predesigned castles packed with unique challenges and more coins.

    The castle levels are played in a metroidvania style, you will need to get those upgrades to get through the castles.

    But don't worry there are plenty of check points around the castles, so if you're stuck you won't need to start over.

    Procedural level generation

    40 procedurally generated mission levels created from 90 unique predesigned sections with some randomness.

    5 Challenges

    Challenges are also procedurally generated, they are a good way to get more coins and also a fun change of game pacing.

    All challenges are based on endless runs and can run much longer than a mission level, test your endurance!

    Challenges include:

    Free Run - Unlocks on level 5 - Run as far as you can!

    Wind Surfing - Unlocks on level 10 - The wind will push from blow relentlessly, how far will you surf?

    Super Square - Unlocks on level 15 - Fly and shoot your way through a battle field in the skies.

    Jet Ride - Unlocks on level 25 - The level will be generated from just jetpack sections, in this challenges you will be playing sections that unlocks in levels 30-40 before you beat them, a good way to practice your jetpack skills.

    Cat Run - Unlocks on level 30 - You get 7 lives in this run, use them well!

    Upgrades Store

    15 Upgrades, special abilities and items for your character.

    Store items are bought with game currency, no real money is required.

    Buy your upgrades wisely, if you can't make a jump, you might want to upgrade your jump, or maybe more speed will help.

    If your mission is to collect coins or to find map pieces, upgrading them will help you get through.


    Earn up to 40 achievements for completing extra tasks and get lots of bonus coins.

    Note: most achievement tasks can be earned only when playing missions levels and challenges.

    Daily Prizes

    Get a prize everyday, more coins, shields and even extra revives, but don't break the daily cycle or the count will reset.

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