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  • Hi guys, I have been working on a prototype for a top down shooter, tentatively named BURN for now. It was previously a collab with a friend but he is no longer able to work on and I decided to redo it with Construct 2.

    B.U.R.N - Play the game

    Instructions to Play.

    WASD/Arrow keys for movement

    Mouse to Aim

    Left click - For bullets

    Right click - for missiles. (longer delay)

    Spacebar - Bullet time!

    Please don't mind the graphics and the menu, it's a very rough WIP. Right now I am wondering if I should make it to a side view.

    I appreciate and thank you for your time, and feel free to leave any comments and critiques!

    Edit - It seems like I made a stupid mistake and posted at the wrong forum. Could the moderators please move it to "Your Creation"? Terribly sorry for this.

  • Moved to 'Your creations' :)

  • Ashley : Much thanks! I was about to send you a PM!

  • o.o is it me or what?? when i clicked on character icon nathing happen except flash cs6 and autocad opened together o.o

  • Lol, did that really happen? Those last two are empty placeholders....characters and option shouldn't do anything.

    I should probably hide those for now

  • pretty cool already, i like the circle livebar, could look excellent with an overlay or something, like the quick charactermovement and animation,

    for me, (but i play with arrowkeys because wasd is unplayable on azerty)

    rightclick should be the slowdown(boost) and extra key maybe ctrl or shift for rocket

    and make better button to play, it takes like 5 clicks to go into training

    ps, topdown looks pretty good and lends itself to this kind of shooters,

    you could make area's you have to clean, like when the waves is done, you scroll to other place and waves start coming again.

  • I'll look to adding Rightclick for slowdown and maybe changing the rocket to a selection.

    Yeah, I should probably plan a proper Menu. It was done a rush to show a friend who is helping with the UI and Menu design.

    Thanks for taking the time to test!

  • seems its my mouse it also do these stuffs while i drawing with this noobie laptop mouse :P (i don't know how to use normal mouse XD )

    anyway the game are really good...but i would like to see somethings like :

    -the circle behind the pie so we know how many health we lost also put some health on the game so we don't lose so fast :)

    -also more enemies..

    good luck ^^ keep the good work

  • Thanks for the comment, zsangerous. Yes I planned to do something with the health, right now most of stuffs are very rough but it's to illustrate the main idea.

    I will definitely add more types of enemies as well.


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  • So far, pretty nice. Like the animations on the player, but he seems to skate instead of walk. Is that the case? He should have a rocket thrust behind him (or in front when he's thrusting backwards) and a sound for it. If that's the case, otherwise he seems to be skating around. I only played it for a few minutes, but its certainly a start.

  • That's got a really nice flow to it, pretty cool!

  • I realy like the basic movement, its fun. And I really like the circle based UI.

    While using the main gun is really effecive(easily got 5000 points) the rockets pretty useles right now. while its destroys an enemy with one shot it disent gives you enough advatage. The col down is to high for that. I would say gove the rocket an area of effect and xperiment with the cooldown.

    And for the question of the right controlls, i think more options would be better.

  • Nice Proof of Concept, just one problem.

    You cannot call your Slo Mo mechanic "Bullet Time" that is a Rockstar Games Trademark

  • TPorter64: Yeah he is more like a skating robot, though I might change it to a space floating robot soon :D. And thanks for the suggestion, I'll try to implement the thrusters.

    WilB: Thanks, mate!

    DasbilligeAlien : Thanks for the feedback. Yes I do agree the rocket, though powerful, it's currently useless. I merely included the rocket as I was bored with just shooting the default pew pew gun. I will try to add the area of effect in.

    Erndog2k: Thanks mate, I will also consider changing it to some other name.

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