ARTILLERISTS (turn-based strategy)

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    > By the way, game recently passed Greenlight!!! So thanks so much to who support game in voting! BIG THANKS!


    Will definitely buy it as soon as it will be available on PC.

    So no "code-programming" (including plugins) was involved in development?


    Yes, almost all "programming" was maded with only C2 instruments.

    Congrats on the Greenlight! When you release it on Steam, let us know.

    It is a very well designed and polished game you have. Titles like these really showcase C2's ability to be a cross-platform engine that can scale small to big projects.

    Thanks a lot! Yep, certainly I will let you know when I released it for PC

    Nice artwork. You got a +1 from me a few days ago!

    Do you hand paint your sprites, or are you pre-rendering them? I really like the oil paint sort of look the artillery pieces have. The terrain and bushes look pretty cool too!

    Thank you very much!

    Almost all in-game graphics was pre-rendered, but somewhere I do some overpaint on rendered models (for example on damaged vehicles).

    Main menu background, end-game screen and characters was painted by my friend in photoshop.

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  • Greeting Comrades!

    Game is finally released on Steam! And troops awaiting your command!

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