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  • Hey, here is day 2 prototype for the 7DFPS challenge.

    Update : Day 3 prototype

    Update2 : Day 4 prototype

    Update3 : Day 5 prototype

    Yes, I'm making a FPS in Construct2.

    Update4 : Western Duels: Day 6 prototype

    <img src="http://7dfps.com/shots/520ac2f06cff8.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://7dfps.com/shots/520cbbfe2ef5d.png" border="0">

    Mousewheel down and up to draw and aim your gun.

    Right click to arm your gun

    Left click to shoot

    Esc to forfeit

    Hope you enjoy, any feedback appreciated.

    Remember, atm it's only a prototype, there are still days to go. I'll see if I can lead this project to completion or not <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Kyatric

    This is definitely cool, and seems like a fun concept. I'm sure if the game consisted of some artwork it would make it even more appealing.

    Things to consider:

    You should maybe add a short tutorial mode that runs the player through some steps. When I first started the game I didn't know what I was doing. I then saw the animation and realized first you use the mousewheel down to grab the gun and then the mousewheel up to take it out, load with right click hold, then fire with left click. Maybe in a tutorial mode you would have the players follow these direct steps.

    Overall I think its a fun idea and hopefully your able to have it done in the next 5 days. BUT, consider a tutorial mode as people may skip your amazing idea just because they don't understand how to play, and also because its lacking in art. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks

    Yep I am definitely planning on having a tutorial to explain the way of playing, and adding more art too.

    It was only day 2 prototype, to test the mechanics, all this is planned and should come later.

    Nevertheless, "my art" won't be a lot better than what's already in. It should still do a hopefully "funny" cartoony style.

    Thanks again for the feedback.

  • Kyatric

    That's alright, the gameplay mechanics will make up for the art. I'm not an artist either so I can get what your saying.

  • Update : Day 3 prototype

    Now with an AI opponent, health, limited bullets.

    Let me know how you feel about it.

  • Pretty interesting! Here are some quick thoughts I had while testing it out.

    There is a bit of a disconnect between using the mouse wheel to control pulling out the gun, then using the mouse movement to control the gun. I would almost want to push the mouse up to take out the gun so theres more continuity. Maybe dodging could be on WASD like other shooters?

    I also wanted there to be a sort of minigame to taking out the gun. Like a perfect draw could give you an advantage to shooting first.

    Anyway just some thoughts. I like where its going!

  • Nice work, its a very novel experience. I like the whole flow of pulling your gun out, cocking and shooting.

    Love the animation on the enemy (especially his hat). It is fairly challenging to aim but fun also. Maybe you can add a crosshair for easy mode.

  • strange control scheme, i like it

    at first i was a little lost but then it became clear

    change the theme and make a horror game like fatal frame where you have to

    take pictures of ghosts :D

  • Thank you a lot for the feedback guys.

    UberLou: Interesting thoughts.

    The dodging wasn't implemented yet in day 3 prototype, I made it so that you dodge by moving the mouse on the left/right axis between the moment the opponent is arming (atm though, the arming is not visually signified yet) and shooting (the flash appears).

    I'm planning on some tutorial to have a better apprehension/training of the dodging mechanic (and the opponent will also have a dodging mechanic).

    Perhaps you're right about the pulling, it's also true that I tend to "push up" my mouse too "intuitively" when I draw. Perhaps it would be indeed better to skip the mousewheel up part and simply have the gun showing as soon as you have drawn, allowing you to focus on the aim/arming of the gun.

    For a minigame/reward on a perfect draw, that's an interesting idea, I'm not sure yet how to put that in though (as well as what consists of a perfect draw, since "all you have to do" is to roll the mousewheel down quickly). Perhaps it could just appear as a bonus $ once the duel is over.

    GenkiGenga: I'm planning on having some tutorial part to learn better aiming, at your own pace with a fixed mannequin that won't shoot at you.

    A crosshair was already suggested by another tester, but it doesn't feel well. The aim comes from the nose of your gun and the angle of the arm/pistol. Adding a crosshair that follows the mouse is kind of confusing in the end.

    To make it feel better, I've already relocated the arm when you pull the gun so it appears more in mid-screen, which feels better.

    valdarko: Unfortunately, being for a 7 day challenge and being in day 4 of that challenge, I feel it's too late to change the theme.

    Also my goal was to capture the experience of a far west/western pistol duel, and I feel it's pretty much there. Switching the theme now would just end up in me not completing the challenge in time.

    Thanks again for all your feedback !

  • And here goes a new update : Day 4 prototype.

    I have read and considered your feedback, and (hopefully) answered it for the best.

    The game is keeping some consistency and taking shape, I might be able to pull it off.

    UberLou: There is still the mousewheel up, but it requires less effort now, does it feel OK to you ?

    I have tried to incorporate the "mouse up" movement, but in the end, it was more troubles than anything (or I did just not find the correct way to implement it according to the prototype).

    Let me know your feeling on this current prototype.

    Enjoy and don't hesitate to leave some feedback, I greatly appreciate it and thank you all again a lot for it !

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  • Thats cool it was just a suggestion. It feels good, and I like the bell. Makes it tense. Instead of the minigame, if you pull your gun close to when the bell sounds, then maybe it can just say "Perfect Draw" or "Quick Draw" something to let the player know how they're doing. Some other thoughts:

    I had trouble figuring out where my shot was going.

    Right now you can just hold down the right mouse button to reload. I always like in westerns when they hit the hammer rapidly and shoot, so it would be cool to try and mimic that feeling.

    Some small nitpicks - "Shoot the opponent before he does." should probably be something like "Shoot the opponent before he shoots you." Also saying 6 bullets and 5HP doesn't mean a whole lot unless you know how much HP each bullet takes away.

    Nice progress though

  • Good thinking with the mannequin. I like the fading crosshair too, its definitely coming along!

  • Day 5 prototype

    Ugly interface in, "randomly" generated enemies, evolution of the stats, managing of the "resources" (like HP and ammo) of the character.

    I hope you enjoy, let me know how you feel about the balance/progression/difficulty.

    And again, thanks a LOT for the feedback ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    UberLou: There is feedback for how well you did on the draw in the end result (the better draw, the more $ you earn).

    Does it feel right ?

    The perfect draw also means a faster pull, which definitely gives an advantage.

  • Western Duels: Day 6 prototype

    Mostly the final version for the challenge (less than 19 hours left, and I'm tired of crunching on this project).

    The graphics sucks, but the game design/mechanics I wanted are pretty much in.

    This latest version adds sounds, Hall of Fame (highscores), a better balance/progression (hopefully).

    Thanks again for all the feedback/comments and having played the game, it means a lot to me.

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