2.5D Pong-Thingy

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  • It is slow on chrome for me as well. Also i have played this game before on a game site. It is great that you made it in construct though.

  • Okay, there's an FPS counter now. If everyone who is getting slow framerates could post what they're getting, then try clicking the right mouse button to disable the background, and tell me what you get then. Cheers!

  • Rainbow background on : 9-8 FPS

    When the ball is in the "bottom" : slight acceleration, the counter goes to 11-12 FPS, but it feels more fluid.

    Without rainbow background : 23-30 FPS

    When the balls in the "bottom" : slight acceleration still FPS goes up to 43.

    Without rainbow feels a lot better/fluider as soon as it is set.

    On both, the red rounded rectangle make a a slight lose of FPS (down to 19 instead of 23-30 without background) and there is an offset in the moving (the red rectangle is "a second behind" (not a full second)).

    FireFox 7.0.1

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  • Thanks Kyatric <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Hmmm... That's really quite odd. Even without the background, it's still 30FPS? With my FF 7.01, I get a solid 60fps, no matter what. What's your hardware like? How does it go in Chrome on your hardware?

  • Reminds me "Curveball"..

    Seems nice but still VERY slow at me too and I use Chrome. Not the super latest.

  • cow_trix : Windows XP SP3; FireFox 7.0.1; ATI Radeon HD 4870

    Dual-core E5200 2.5 GhZ; 3,5 Go RAM

    I don't have chrome on this install and don't want to install it again (I used to have issues between chrome and my antivirus, maybe some extensions I had installed or something).

  • The chrome and antivirus issue may be this one:


    It's likely slow because firefox doesn't use canvas acceleration in winxp.

    This is talking about ff5 but ff7 seems the same.


  • Ha good call for the browsers on XP. That's sad and comforting at the same time ^^

    I shall switch to 7 very soon.

    For the antivirus, I use Kaspersky, and used to have chrome, then Iron, etc...

    So not sure this is linked to the article you speak of.

  • Run's very smoothly on Windows 7, Chrome 14 (haven't updated yet).

    Nice, original concept. My only complaint (which has to do more with the web platform than your game) is that on the higher levels, when i was thrashing the mouse around to keep up, the cursor kept moving out of the game window. Maybe an option to go to full screen would help with that.

  • the concept is cool, it reminds me playing squash, but it's too slow, at least, at my pc it is.

  • Uhh pretty cool :D

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