Wheel of Cubic Gods

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  • 1 quick idea i had 2 hrs ago, for a 5 minutes quick game, so i can take the edge off with the issues i have on the multiplayer coding of the pool game... so here it is the "Wheel of Cubic Gods " lets call it like that for the moment ....cant think on a better name ha ha...


    the principle is simple, spin the wheel and wait, if the arrows is over green u win and get more points, if is on yellow u get half the points +1 more ticket (that will be something like life's dident added it yet, im concerned with some future thing i want to add but not sure) , if it is on red you lose all ur points or u can choose to use 1 ticket and keep the points and spin 1 more time(by default u have 3 tickets, maximum stack 10), when is on blue you get a change to choose 1 extra game from a list


    ( right now i added a card game where u have to pick 1 , giving u either losing,extra or win, later i want to add some Russian roulette thing , and maybe a 3rd one where you can throw a knife or a dart in some balloons for extra chances of points, multipliers, losing, extra tickets,and maybe something more.)


    obviously im not good at this game )) but it can be a quick fun game that u can play with ur friends or in spare time

    i made the concept of the game in 10 minutes out of boredom, and the coding toked me around 30 minutes ) the most longest part was creating the images... as always... so what u guys think? should i bring it alive or leave it as it is?!:))


    For graphic artists that can match the graphics of game, and maybe improve it a bit, and wanna be a part of this project and think can create the assets in the list bellow add me on Skype( gamecorp.tm ) as i will want to pay u for it i cant at the moment, but only credit ur work, and when is published on Kongregate/Newgrounds, and other website that allows it, u get a revenue share from the ads.



    I`m thinking on a cubic HERO something as Lego square hero that will move on a hill towards Olympus mountain to become a God

    you advance in game by spinning the wheel u can move up or lose a life or get pushed back

    so outside the character next assets will be needed:

      1 mountain 1 Lego or cubic Hero; 1 Cartoon palace; 1 Hill; 1-2 rocks; 1 Ticket image ;
      • retouching the overall graphics;
      • maybe some cubic gods icons(3 at most different gods e.g Zeus, Aphrodite, Hercule, );

    if you think is possible, to keep it simple and no glossy arts leave me a reply if u can do it

    i wold create them just i need to work on my other projects and code the rest of the game.


    P.S i know its posted in works in progress the pinned thread before... just this 1 is for comments, feedback on idea, game play etc.

    P.S part 2 did not knew there is a mini game in the TV show thing... i don't watch TV ha ha ha

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