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  • grandbrinus Does the Scirra community think the same? No we don't

  • Thank you

    Did you got a try mister ?

  • grandbrinus Tell you the truth II did see it but I do not play game only work on game. I am freelance programmer mostly work on contract with people whom can afford my request. Also I have my own ABM Computers company since 1992

  • Because of some rude comments i'll work on a new major version of the game, more graphic.

    Every obstacle will be shown for a sec, i'll add smoke under feet and some other things so you can play without headphone. It totally break the main concept of the game but if i don't do that people will continue to complain it's too hard.

    But for those who want to beat the game in following the main concept, i'll do a "Hardcore" version without any symbol, like the game was when i started it.

    See ya soon !

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  • grandbrinus You will never satisfy everyone. There is always one who will make some kind of rude remark. Best thing in your case dear friend learn to live with it. Long as you are satisfied with your work and 3 more people whom are satisfied with you then other 4 will does not matter. Only matters is you done your bit but, if you carry on and not satisfied with your work like someone else then give up. Your life will be ruled by someone and not by you. Be brave and move on create another game, and more game

  • For sure i'll never satisfy everyone. But for now, i satisfy noone but myself.

    I'm totally ok with bad remark etc. but i need to follow my players mind to satisfy them as much as i am satisfied.

    I will never do something i don't want to do or only bc "one asked me".

    Now don't worry i'm already working on an other game too but i need to correct Waltir's Eye to make players appreciating it more.

  • As you wish good luck

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