TORNABY (a Dark Metroidvania-Sci-Fi-HD-Platformer) + DEMO!

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  • Graphics are very well made , gameplay its pretty good. Good luck !

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  • What I liked :

    • The game art is jaw dropping.
    • Performance is great on a gtx 1050Ti, 8gbram, i5

    Things that need more work imo:

    • A parallax of layers of pre-rendered 3d elements can sometimes break the immersion and have this paper cut out effect especially when I move.

    I dunno how can you make things more believable, more "blended"...maybe play with shadows and light ?

    • The character animation is choppy...I expect it to be fluid and rich just like the the waking animation is kinda cute and childish for a dark character.
    • the dust coming from the character feet is a bit cartoony.
    • maybe a better menu

    If I had to sum up my experience I would say it looks modern (gorgeous 3d art) but its plays retro (choppy movement).

  • can you give me some examples for the paper-cut-effect? Like in the screenshot below? Do you have some certain scenes in mind or is it a rather general effect throughout the whole game? maye some screenshots or room-coordinates (you can see them when pressing tilde, bottom left) would be really helpful.

    One thing thats important for me to note though: Its not all pre-rendered 3D, actually i would say that 70% are drawn, especially most platforms, bg-elements. Clearly, the main-protagonist, some enemies and all the particles (fire) are done using Blender - normally i spend many hours afterwards with drawing and refining in 2D. But as you rightly noted, some elements still need tweaking (regarding colors, shadow-levels, contrast, etc...) to blend in more. Again, some specific examples would be really helpful

    Regarding the (choppy) animations: I'm not really good at doing them, actually i would say i suck;) And honestly, doing them in a rendering program is even more beyond my skills and would consume too much time overall - i'm sure i would not even be able to finish a demo when trying to go that way. So resource-wise, thats one flaw you unfortunately have to live with, if i ever get to finish "Tornaby".

    On the other hand: I do them each manually frame by frame, which somehow still connects to the intended 90ies feeling. Making HD-graphics was good for me, but i still wanted to keep certain aspects (mechanics, feel) true to those games back then - im not sure if doing it all 100% percent using pre-rendered 3D would not stretch the thing too far (originally, i did not want to use any 3D-tools at all - it is sometimes just a help making certain aspects looking not too crappy)

    The dust is surely one thing i will change soon;)

    The menu is a quick design for the demo - which will look better in the finished version.

    As always, thank you all for your really helpful input!

  • I've player your demo about 20 minutes.

    What I noticed first is that the jump button (gamepad) is "B". I've played a few platformer games a while ago and all of them had the "A" button for jump and "X" or "B" for attack or use. Maybe is just a preference but I would change that <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> .

    When the player hangs on the edge of a platform and I want to jump on it: If the player is facing left and I press the "go to left" button and jump button it won't jump. ( ... 6.jpg?dl=0 )

    Also, you could eliminate the walking animation while in the air.

    Soldiers are very easy to kill in some situations , depending on the position you and they have, and the environment around the player, for example:

    If I have some space around me its easy to jump or duck to evade the bullet.

    But if I have to jump to evade the bullet and I have a solid object atop (If I am on a long corridor or something) then I can't defend (Maybe a plasma shield for the player would help in those situations).

    PS. The game runs smooth at 60 fps on my pc( i5 3300Mhz, 8gb ram, gtx750Ti). The default resolution is 720p ?

  • anty21ro changing the gamepad-layout is on my list:)

    same for the bug with the edge when pressing in the same direction - that came up during the last bugfix.

    thx for the walking-animation hint - have to check that.

    regarding the marines/soldiers:

    in the present state they are rather boring, unchallenging and ... static;)

    it has been mentioned before, and i came to conclusion that they need further tweaking/more attack-patterns/overall changing to make them some kind of basic enemy - i think they need at least a walking behaviour & maybe two different types of attack. i am already working on this.

    those are all things i intend to update within the demo during this week or so....

    oh, and there IS a shield upgrade actually - it is not available in the demo though)

  • Hey there,

    after some flu-related health issues i updated the demo and fixed some stuff:

    the ledge-grab-thing should now work as intended,

    the hud/health-bar is bigger,

    the shooting marine is behind a defensive wall, which makes it less easier to hit him.

    i added another walking marine-type (which was actually intended to appear later in game).

    ...some other minor fixes/tweaks.

    Sadly, i'm afraid i won't be able to post a full walkthrough myself, since this seems above my laptop's capacity (really bad fps when doing screencapture) :/

    Maybe i find someone willing to do this for me.

    PS: Finally enough reputation to post a real download url

  • Hey !

    I've just gave the game a quick try and it seems that when the player is hanging on a ledge and I press jump, the player doesn't jumps higher enough so he can reach on top of the platform:

    Edit: I forgot to say that I was using the gamepad, if I use the keyboard it runs fine.

    Another thing is when I save the game, then exit to windows, then open the game again and continue, this is what is happening:

    bullet and weapon effect angles are messed up.

    I would like to know what is the size of the background image and the other big sprites that you use in the game.

  • First, I want to say that this is visually stunning. I'm blown away by the art and sense of immersion here . You did the art too??

    Bugs to take a look into:

    I noticed that the player grabs ledges even if the platform is low enough to jump on normally (this happens at the starting point), Also, I want to echo what anty21ro said about the player not jumping quite high enough when jumping from a ledge grab to get on the platform.

    Great work so far! I hope you finish it!

  • thx for the helpful input - both issues (edge jump with gamepad and shooting angle after load) have been fixed.

    ultrafop i consider the ability to grab lower platforms as lazy design & corrected this (at least in the starting room) by adjusting the height


    regarding the background-image size:

    they vary from 1920x1080 ~300-400kb-.jpgs , when static (no parallax scrolling) to tiled ones with much lower widths.

    Other bg-objects (e.g. those organic "pipes") range from 50 to 200kb (per frame) pngs ranging from 300 - 700 px.

    I hope that helps.

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