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  • Awesome pixel art man. Gratz!

  • Hey, amazing pixel art! This is one to watch for sure

  • It's the complete map in a single layout?

  • looks great

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  • Excellent I love seeing Construct 2 developers pushing the bar and making great games. Games like this is what got me started on playing video games. Plus games like this show Construct2 can make serious games, not just doodle jump and flappybird clones. Thank you for raising the bar.

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  • I was wondering are you going to make this for mobile or no? Reason I asked is that I was going to make several games that hark back to nes or super nes days. I rather you come out with this ninja gaiden style game so I can jump on a proper castlevania or metroid style game in the future for android. We will be turning it into our dream device!!

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  • Aye, thanks PixelPower.

    Currently I'm wondering if there's an easy way to add an effect to the whole game instead of adding the effect to each layout. I'm trying to use the CRT effect that was mentioned in the Copy Girl devlog.

    Looks like this:

    There's some pixel doubling going on, so gotta figure out how to fix that too

    You're doing a great job but i'm thinking, you are doing this to sell?

    Have market for this kind of game yet?


  • First of all, I'm really excited about the future chance to play this game. I'm a massive fan of all the games that Cyber Shadow lends its style to.


    Collect skills from your clansmen which will be mapped to button combos similar to fighting games to allow you to use them without entering a menu.

    Can you explain a little further with regards to the type of button combos you are referring to? Will you be able to do "command/motion" type combos or will they be based on consecutive button presses, similarly to chain combos?

    From the pictures, the ninja seem to have a "dog" emblem (chinese character) and then switches to "shurikens". What state is the ninja in while he is in "dog" mode? Does this refer to the lowest level state, some type of "under training" with only the Katakana to use, or does he have special capabilities here?

    Man, I wish there were a DEMO for this to check the responsiveness of the controls!

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  • The dog emblem shows that you are not a super ninja, not even a medium ninja, you're a beginner. You will become something more through the course of the game. Not because you get all new powers, but because you become super good at playing the game. Then you will become a "Super" Ninja.

    Ah, thank you very much for the quick response. So by completing higher levels, your emblem will change accordingly? Or will it change depending on how many run-throughs you have had. For instance, beginner difficulty level is "dog" and normal difficulty is another? Or does it progress through the exact same play-through?

    Sorry if I am asking questions which forces you to reveal more than intended at this stage in the production

    By the way, the moves list you pointed out just got me majorly excited about using Ibuki in Street Fighter 5, which is being released today!

    Alright, good luck further with the great looking project.

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  • This looks super cool... ninja gaiden meets metroid meets contra meets megaman indeed...


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