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  • Tons of progress made since I last posted!

    • Weapon tweaks:

      HR78 You'll like this one, I've made the bullet and laser allot more chunky. After allot of similar feedback I decided to update them. I've also added a trail and some more details to the missile.

    • Magnets and shields: Added magnet and shield consumables. Magnets pull the scrap towards you and shields essentially give you an extra life!
    • Prizes!: Watch an add, pop a prize. Prizes range from scrap to shields and magnets.
    • Loot drop: Collect 1500 scrap and unlock a loot drop! Smash the loot crate and see what you unlock. Unlocks can be ships, weapons, trails, themes, mods, shields and magnets.

    I'm currently wrestling with getting in app purchases implemented and a couple of tweaks after feedback. After the shop is implemented I should be ready to upload to the App Store!

  • Every update is better than the previous. Well done

    But do you will publish also for Android?

  • I do not know if there are changes, but I did not get how to reload, because the gunfire is fast and suddenly it becomes slow.

    It is difficult to play with the cursor mouse. Are you going to put some keyboard control?

    The graphics are really good!

  • HR78 Awesome!

    el3um4s Thank you very much! I don't have an android release currently planned though I will be updating the browser version that works on android.

    nemezes The browser version hasn't had any updates for some time while I've been rebuilding it for iOS from the ground up. In the new iOS version I have tweaked the reload button and how it is introduced which should eliminate some confusion (hopefully)!

    As for controls, it actually has touch, mouse, gamepad and keyboard support (on browser). Simply use the chosen control method in the main menu to boot up the tutorial. It's not the best system just yet but it's on the list.

    Thanks! And as I mentioned previous, I'm going to be updating the browser version. It will have 90% of the iOS features. I'll mostly be removing the iOS specific things such as the shop, prizes (for watching an ad), achievements and sharing.

    Right now I'm being slowed down by this audio breaking bug the has been creeping up since iOS 8!

    Between hunting a fix for that I am building the shop and achievements.

    As always, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

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    • Sounds and music is working!
    • Achievements implemented!
    • First in app purchase successfully tested!
    • App icons designed and implemented (thanks to twitter and tumblr for the suggestions)!

    Made some good progress this week, here's how the app icon turned out:

    Initial concepts

    Further iterations


    For the rest of today, I'll finish hooking up the remaining in app purchases. Then it's just the final polish and submission to apple!

  • Tutorial complete! Nothing too fancy, just a couple of interactive prompts when you first play.

  • We're currently searching for beta testers. If you're interested and have an iPhone or iPad get in touch with your TestFlight ID and name. Thanks!

  • Latest build of Thumb Space is now available on TestFlight!

    We've added:

    • Relative controls, now you can place your thumb anywhere to move the ship!
    • Progressive difficulty, over time the endless onslaughting wave of drones will become tougher and harder to shoot down (particularly excited about this one).
    • Pause button, highly requested and surprisingly useful.
    • Locked ships now have an air of mystery too them.
    • home button on the game setup menu, now it's even easier to drop out of the action and make some quick changes to setting, browse the shop or check how your doing on the leaderboard!
    • performance improvements (all be it minor and ongoing)
    • bug fixes, I've had to remove the menu music due to a bug on ios8 but hopefully it will be back a couple of builds down the line.

    As I mentioned previously, we're intending this to be our last build before we launch. All feedback is still very much welcome! It might just be added to a post launch build instead.

    Good luck, Thumkind is relying on you!

  • Looking good, !

    I've always loved these sorts of games, and yours looks to be shaping up really well.

  • ryanrybot thanks!

    Thumb Space will be hitting the App Store on 05/05/16!

  • We need your help designing the next ship that will be added to the fleet!

    Slap the creative grease onto your thumbs and start tinkering. The design must have an area to place your trusty thumb, fit neatly into a square and of course, keep it family friendly. Anything else goes!

    It doesn’t matter if you have the drawing skill of a two thumbed human or a 4 thumbed chimp we’d love to see what you come up with.

    To enter, head over to Touch Arcade thread and drop us a reply with your epic idea!

  • Can't die in the version on Kongergate

    I don't know how I feel about being able to choose bullets and mods when I have no knowledge of what they are.

    Overall the art is very nice

    Good luck on your project!

  • Can't die in the version on Kongergate

    I don't know how I feel about being able to choose bullets and mods when I have no knowledge of what they are.

    Overall the art is very nice

    Good luck on your project!

    Theihe Thanks for checking the game out! Honestly, the browser version is about 3 month old and is missing a huge amount of features.

    If you'd like to try out the current (soon to be released (05/05/16)) game, send me a pm with your apple ID and I'll get you invited to TestFlight.

    There still aren't detailed descriptions on the customization options but that's to leave some exploration to the player. I find allot of the fun is in the discovery. Personal preference of course, but the discovery and experimentation side is a huge part of the games unlock system.

  • Theihe I just noticed you were playing "Thumb Space Testing". That version is purposely built without death in order to test the drone spawning. I don't actually know why I haven't removed this build haha

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