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  • Hey friends!

    My name is Nick Camillo. I'm a musician, and I've got a bunch of gnome-themed songs, so a few years back I started making a game about a gnome to pair with the tunes. Originally it was going to be a super brutal twitchy shmup/slashy platformer designed for controllers, here's a suuuuper quick n' dirty combat proof of concept I made back then: arrow keys to move, z and x for attacks, control to fly.

    After that I decided to tone it back a bit and work on animating/adding attacks for the enemies, so I created this more in depth proof of concept. Goblins can block your attacks, and will one-hit-kill you if you get too close. Hold shift to sprint (marginally faster), and z to fire magic missiles.

    While I was working on this PoC, I was developing a procedural forest generation, and ended up making this little piece of art/game while I was stuck in the airport for 18 hours. It's called Into the Thicket, where you play as a sapling and compete with the other plants to become a beautiful flowering bush. You can try it here:

    Last year I changed directions again, and started building out an 'engine' within Construct 2 for building out a point-and-click adventure game, where you could walk around and pick up objects and interact with other objects, etc... I was succesful at getting the point and click movement, a dialogue system, and a consumables system to work (try picking up and eating three mushrooms in short succession by clicking on yourself while holding one), but I got stuck when trying to figure out how to be able to put things back down. Try it out here (don;t mind the floating numbers, those are variables for bug-fixing):

    Since then I've been really busy with other work, and since I got stuck it's been really hard to progress, but I'd really love to get this project up and running again. I just need a partner who is more skilled at Construct than me and who digs the general direction : ) If you're interested in partnering up, let me know!

    Nick Camillo

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